George destinates 48 minutes + one level of three points, it is still difficult to win, and at this moment, it is really a person.

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George destinates 48 minutes + one level of three points, it is still difficult to win, and at this moment, it is really a person.

2021-11-25 00:33:49 17 ℃

Beijing Time November 24, 2021, NBA regular season welcomed a focus of war, in the second consecutive man of the Supreme and Clippers, the core Dong Chickens of the Saler team ushered in, and fast The fleet is still a person with Paul George! The game is in the first half of this game, but the third quarter of the competition suddenly collapsed, and the exclusive man suddenly broke out, and their single section was 10 points by the opponent!

At the last moment, the last 1-and-a-half clock, the fastener team is still more than 10 points behind, but the fast ship team has not given up all, they use Kenath's three-pointer to blow off the attack, the last game In 1 second, the Salers of the Grand Qi Qi, the rapids were put behind, 3 points! After the suspension, George brought a high-end trick three-pointer in the bottom corner, helping the team to drag the game into the time. However, in the overtime game, the Clip Team once again dumb, the ball could not pay the hand of George, and finally their overtime was only 1 point, with 104: 112, no enemy opponent!

This game George actually played a very good competitive state. He debuted in 48 minutes. It shot 23 in 7, three points of 6 shots, free throw 12 penalty 11, got 26 points 9 rebound 6 assists data, Although the offensive efficiency is general, he can have such a good time in the high-intensity defense of the Salers. And he has helped the team to renew the team at the last time, but there is still no way to win, which is really helpless!

This season, George is really too easy. He suffered a very big defensive strength in the game, which consumed George's physical strength, but he was able to hit a high difficult three-pointer, Prove his stars level. Although the game Leiji Jackson got 31 points of 10 rebounded data, the critical moment he did not play back in a row, and there were some low-level mistakes, which led the team to lose the chance of chasing, which is indeed some problems. of!

The 48th minute of George in this game is indeed very exaggerated. At the end of the overtime, it can really see some problems in George! At this moment, George should read Leonard very much, after all, there is Leonard, he really will not be so tired. This season's George has made a level of MVP level, but it is really difficult to help the team constantly win, and if you have been so consumable, you may really have a certain injury hazard!