Eastern blend!Thermal fire will pull the squat down the horse, the basket is chasing the list, and the 4 teams form the first group.

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Eastern blend!Thermal fire will pull the squat down the horse, the basket is chasing the list, and the 4 teams form the first group.

2021-11-25 00:28:49 17 ℃

Today, the NBA regular season ended a focus war. The hot fire at 112-97 defeated the wonderful talents, the two teams will carry back the game, so the first war is victory, and they will go to Washington to participate in the game. Such lattice will come to 10 wins and 5 losses, falling down from the first position in the eastern part to the fourth place. The heat record came to 11 wins and 5 losses, rose to the first place.

Because a lobby, the widen ranking came from the first place, how fiercely competition in the east is. Among them, the hot and basket network said that 11 wins and 5 negative records, the bulls and the wonders are 10 wins and 5 losses, and it can be said that the winning and loss of the game can make the ranking huge change.

Nets did not have the mission of the game today, but fishermen, because the hot fire pulled the wizards, so the brothers and the first battle of the East. The Nets of this season were brought to the Bucks from a 23rd basis. After winning, we won the winner, never losing and losing, and later won a wave of 5 consecutive victories, but unfortunately by the Bull, no Upper east of the first. This time because of the wonders of the lobby, the Nets and Heat are listed in the first. This is also an affirmation of the Net Working. In the last 13 days of time, they have already played 8 games. Under such a tight schedule, the Nets still brought the pressure. During only two bulls and warriors. The competition, the specific record is 6 wins and 2 losses, and it is still very strong.

For the hot fire, it is very important to defeat the wonders. After all, they are also in the easternmost queue. I want to maintain a strong performance and stable rankings in the first group. I need to win the victory in a strong dialogue. And today they wonderful Bill's wonderful talents, showing excellent performance.

This is the case, this season they are absolutely big black horses, once the position of the top of the east, but unfortunately losing the ball in the anti-direct competitors, the ranking is declined. Next, they have a chance to revenge. 21st Wizard will return to the home to continue to be hot, which is also their re-proven their game.

In addition to the hot, baskets and wonders, the bull has completed the rise, and their record is 10 wins and 5 losses. In the first group of eastern part, the East of the season is very competitive, this is still in the rising In the case of, it is also expected that the performance of each team is also expected.