NBA official rookie list update!Barnes is still in the list, and Canning Ansheng to the third Green Sixth

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NBA official rookie list update!Barnes is still in the list, and Canning Ansheng to the third Green Sixth

2021-11-25 14:37:04 13 ℃

On November 25th, Beijing time, NBA official updated this week's new show list. The No. 4 Xiubanes, No. 4, still ranked first, Mobi, still hurting the injury, still in the second. The piston-like Channing schedule continues to rise, and this week came to the third place. The status of the Rock List also has a warm, ranking to sixth place. Let's take a look at the specific qualification (player data as of November 23) -

1. Scoti Barnes, Raptors (1 last week)

Seasonal data: 14.6 points 8.4 rebound 3.3 assists

Near 7 days agreed data: 7.3 points 8.7 rebound 5.7 assists

Barnes has reached a decline in a recent difference, and part of his trend is also reduced, from 13.2 times down 10 times in the past week. West Yamam came back and he needs to contribute to other respects. The current passenger journey, Barnesfield is only 10 points, with a hit rate of 34.1%, and the initial 4 away, he can have 20 points and 56.9% hits. However, Barnes's rebounds and assists remain excellent, he is still the first player of the new show list.

2. Evan Mobi, Knight (last week 2)

Data from season: 14.6 points 8.0 rebound 2.5 assists

Near 7 days of data: injury

I wrapped up the Knight, Moberi did not play in the past week, and Saixist was seriously injured in the season reimbursement. The three games of Mobil injuries, the knights all report. Among the games won in the knight, Mobilfield was 16.8 points 8.9 rebounds, 53.7% of the shooting rate, and in the game of knights, the Mobilfield was 12.5 points 6.7 rebounds and 42.6% shot.

3. Kaide Kan Ningan, Pistons (last week 5)

Data from season: 13.4 points 6.1 rebound 4.8 assists

Near 7 days agreed data: 13.5 points 7.3 rebound 7.0 assists

Can Ningan's performance is constantly progressing. For the Lakers, he got his career for the first three pairs: 13 points 12 rebound 10 assists, and he rushed to James in Stewart, the first time stop teammates, reflecting Generalship. In the last interview, Can Ningan said: "Many people say that I am aquatic goods, I feel very funny, that is the evaluation I put in my heart, ok, let us wait and see."

4. Jose, Jidi, Thunder (last week, 4)

Seasonal data: 10.3 points 7.3 rebound 5.7 assists

Near 7 days agreed data: 14.5 points 9.4 rebound 4.3 assists

Gedi's hit rate is not high, but his rebound and assists are quite eye-catching. According to the NBA official website, his potential assistance (11.5 times) Rankings 21st, which fully illustrates how good his vision is. The Thunder's rebuilt team can also give Gitty enough growth space. His future is very optimistic.

5. Franz - Wagner, Magic (last week 3)

Data from season: 12.4 points 3.9 rebound 2.0 assists

Near 7 days agreed data: 9.0 points 3.8 rebound 2.3 assists

Wagner has played a good start in last week, got 16 points for Knicks, 17 points to the Net, but in the game of the arms, this rookie 13 1, only 3 points. Wagner is currently a magic appearance time and the most steady player.

The 6-10 players ranked by this new show list are as follows -

6. Green, Rocket (last week 8): shooting better, mistakes become less, ranking continues to rise.

7. Dourt, Pacers (last week, 6): The role changes, bringing new challenges to this 13th show.

8. Shenjing, Rocket (last week, No. 7): Throwing the mistakes, Shen Jing is very good in the back of the back.

9. Sags, Magic (last week did not enter the top 10): The recent two-point ball rate is only 34.5%, but the overall performance is still progressing.

10. Mitchell, King (10th last week): New coach Kingte per levy can make Mitchell performance better.