The NBA is 30 years old, and the body does not lose card!Looking far like Xiaowei, 3 fetuses is the son

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The NBA is 30 years old, and the body does not lose card!Looking far like Xiaowei, 3 fetuses is the son

2021-11-25 14:38:31 10 ℃

Some time ago, the Lakers Mrs. members, Pop's wife ushered in their 30-year-old birthday, as a bright landscape on the NBA watch, the name of "Pop Mrs." has already started in the circle, this time she came If the Husband can't stay with Paris. "Pop Mrs." lives with girlfriends, in front of the Eiffel Tower, holding the "30" balloons, and records another important phase of life.

Speaking of Pop, although the visibility is not very high, "character" is very good, very popular, he passed the Draft in 2013 through the draft into the NBA, it is effective in the Detroit Piston, Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Talent, In the 2019-20 season, Poppes won the NBA championship in the Lakers, and is also a career of the most beautiful ink.

Unfortunately, in this year, the Lakers did not send Pop, Kuzma and Harrell as a chip, but Pop's character has been very low. After coming to Washington, this season is coming. It can contribute 9.7 points 3.8 rebounds 1.5 assists, which can be accepted for a fast 30-year-old marginal player.

In fact, like Pope 3D type players, in the current alliance, it is still very fragrant, plus his height, the defensive end has a certain strength, so the comfort area of ​​"more old" is successful.

Have the opportunity to sell the selling force in the field. When it is reused, Pop does not complain, but put more energy in the family. After all, his wife is also very sensitive in the NBA Monette.

Pop is currently with his wife to give 3 love crystals. The family is very happy. Three children are boys. Therefore, for "Pop Mrs.", the next goal is to regenerate a child, and strive to meet the fall of the little princess. .

Although "Pop Mrs." is already 30 years old, but the body is still very good, she especially likes sports, the muscles are full, especially the thigh is relatively thick, the skin is still black, there will be a little "small Williams" Sight.