Media: Li Tie is 30 million in Zall year, go to the national team to continue to control Wuhan and take salary

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Media: Li Tie is 30 million in Zall year, go to the national team to continue to control Wuhan and take salary

2021-11-25 14:36:31 16 ℃

Live broadcast, November 25th, according to the blogger "I am the oil brother" broke the news in Weibo, the national football coach Li Tie has coached Wuhan Zall, with an annual salary of 30 million, which does not include 3 million of the assistant team. It is confirmed by the "Football News" Li Wei.

Li Wei said in this: "After Li Tie went to the national team, he continued to control Wuhan and take salary. This is open in the circle. Everyone knows. He is also in Wuhan to take 30 million annual salary. Different bar Tang and Spaniard, I am not sure if I have said, I don't know if I don't want to do it. At that time, I felt a coincidence, but I knew that Wuhan football circle said so. "

According to "I am the oil brother", Wuhan Club does owe the former foreign aid Baptis Tang salary, but he personally thinks that this is not arrears, this is refused to be blamed, this salarie should be responsible by Li Tie, because it is Because I want to go to Wuxi to Spanish, Li Tieli mainly sold 4 million Euro annual salary at 6 million euros, introducing this defensive health striker that will not go into the ball, and gives a big taxis to the Football Association leader. Propose to the national football, pave the road.

The blogger also talked about that the most difficult moments of Wuhan have passed, and the most serious situation in this year is in the echelon. After the Pabtis Tang, the Zall Group has raised more than 100 billion to the club to resolve historical ownership, reissue salary.

In addition, the blogger said that the Li Tie team won the power of the Football Association, putting the 2020 bonus to Zall. According to Wuhan Club and Li Tie, Li Tie continues to farten, and Li Tie continues to fracture, and the general manager of Zall, and the training competition is brought by Jose of the same economy. The coaching team was held. In this regard, the blogger accused Li Tie Road: "Then this money is made by the power of the power, with Zall, it can be said to take a salary, directly affecting the normal operation of this year."