Champions League - Tiago Longjiu Breaks Sarah Size Liverpool 2-0 Porto Welcomes 5

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Champions League - Tiago Longjiu Breaks Sarah Size Liverpool 2-0 Porto Welcomes 5

2021-11-25 14:36:53 18 ℃

Live Bar November 25th, Beijing time on November 25th 04:00, the Champions League Group 5th round Dali Pleu is against Poermap. The first half competition, the horses in the mountains are blown, the two sides are half battles, Liverpool 0-0 Porto. In the second half, Tiago is a long-range, Sarah score. In the end, the game is over, Liverpool 2-0 Porto.

Liverpool 4 battles in the group B 12 points, have been outlined in advance; Porto 1 wins 2 wins and 2 flat 1 negatives 5 points, ranked second. In terms of lineup, Sarah, Horses, Nanye treasures.

With the whistle of the main referee, the whole game officially begins. In the 5th minute, the foot of Tiago Middle Road was shocked, and the front plug of the right road Sarah was the key to the defensive player! In the 6th minute, Sarah has a chance to have the opportunity, and the key to Pepe is solved, and the crisis! ↓

In the 8th minute, the front field of Porto steals, the head of the Middle Road Taremy is blocked by Martup! ↓

In the 12th minute, Porto lost a single knife! The left team did not greed, Ottvinio, which followed by the road, was interrupted by the defensive player, and even didn't enter! ↓

In the 19th minute, Nanye has a good opportunity to go to the left path, and the follow-up of Mihong Road has been in place, but Nannan Tuo is blocked! ↓

In the 24th minute, there is a mistake in the back of Porto. Sarah is not ready, and it is astish a good opportunity! ↓

In the 28th minute, Liverpool caused a wave of confusion in the penalty area, and the goalkeeper was slightly mistaken, and then the ball was stable! ↓

In the 3rd minute, the grenade tactics throwded into the penalty area, and Ottvinio gathered in the penalty area! ↓

In the 37th minute, Liverpool has joined the ball, Tiago sent a surgery knife, and the horses were calm and push into the far corner. The ball entered the net, but the main referee said that it is in the first place! ↓

In the 42nd minute, the direct transmission of Talim took the lead in the door, and did not choose to play the door. ↓

Half the battle, both sides 0-0 level.

In the second half, the 49th minute, the Uribei is a good plane in the penalty area, and the shot turned to turn is slightly! ↓

In the 52nd minute, Tiago helped the team leader! Tiagi is arrested outside a foot sticker, rubbing the column! Liverpool 1-0 Porto! ↓

In the 61st minute, the one-on-one chance of the left in the horse, then passed to the middle road, Zhang Bolun's shooting was a little bit a little! ↓

In the 63rd minute, Nanye Tuo has also been entered into a ball, but it is only where it is in the first! If Nan Ye can play the teammates who have leaked the ball, there is no way to have a relatively! ↓

In the 70th minute, Sarah has expanded his team! Sarah and Henderson played a cooperation, Egyptian law swayed a defensive player in the restricted area, then calm the door, there was a bubble in front of the door, the door will not react, Liverpool 2-0 Porto! ↓

In the 76th minute, Oli's breakthrough opportunities, almost made it! ↓

In the 76th minute, Henderson was free to attack the gate, and it was a little bit! ↓

Finally, the game, Liverpool 2-0 Porto, the group of five consecutive victories.

Liverpool starting: 1-Alison, 5-Cotat, 21-Zhekas (64 minutes, 26-Robertson), 32-Martup, 76-Internal medicine-Williams, 80-Morton, 6- Tiago (63 minutes, 14-Henderson), 15-Zhang Bollen (82 minutes, 7-Milna), 10-Mono (72 minutes, 27-Oliji), 11-Sarah (71 minutes, 3-Fati Nio), 18-South Wild Top

Liverpool Repair: 13-Adrian, 62-Kailh, 4-Vision, 47-Phillips, 66-Arnold, 20-Ruo Tower

Porto first: 99-Diogo Costa, 23-马 马,, 3-Pepe (25 minutes, 2-Caldo), 19-Men, 12-Zai Du, 27-Sel Gio - Olivila, 8-Uribe (78 minutes, 16-Grroix), 25-Otvio, 7-Louis Diass, 9-Tarimei, 30-Eman Nelson (77 minutes, 29-Tony Martinez)

Porto Substitute: 1-Ma Shexin, 10-Concerazulum, 11-Pepe (Forward), 17-Corona, 18-Mana, 20-Virinia, 22-Winter, 28-Bruno Costa, 50-Fabio-Viela