Miner's coach: We need to win the World Cup in Meia is a four-year wait.

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Miner's coach: We need to win the World Cup in Meia is a four-year wait.

2021-11-25 14:38:33 11 ℃

Live Bar November 24th, Beijing time on November 25th, 1: 45, 2012-22 Season 5 of the Champions League Group D Group 5, Donetsk miner will challenge international Milan in the away Before the start of this game, Donetsk miners coach De Zelby accepted the "Turin Sports" interview. He talked about some of his own miners and expectations on this game.

About Tubtannahsk Miner

Deapet: "I am very satisfactory about this level of music and team, the ability to play players and players and the way they follow me, we just started this new project, we need to enhance our level And ready to invest in the next transfer window, bringing us still missing things. "

Will it go back to the Italian football?

Deaperab: "Of course, but first I must do a good job in the work of Donetsk miners, and realize my goals I set up for myself. I am leaving Sa Solo because I am over there. I don't even want to leave Italy, because I have a very feeling there, I have lived very habit. Rome and Florence? There is no specific connection. "

About the championship of the Champions League

Deapet: "We need to win in the Meia court, we have come here to achieve the results, just like we do when we travel to the Berna Black Stadium, we hope to have a better result. Small due Zaji's team is very good in the body and spirit, the characteristics of Zheko and Lucaku are different, but in general, he is definitely weak. "

About the champion competition of this season

De Zelby: "Milan and Naples are working hard, but it is obvious that the International Milan has not yet to withdraw from competition. After some injured players return, Atlanta will also have some as it, I think Juventus is difficult to re-join. During the competition. I like two players? Sa Solo's Maxim Lopez and Udinese Bedo. "

About European Super League

De Zelby: "When you emphasize some normal things I said, you will feel my angry, but many people think that I have not considered it, then this happens to make a scandal, because I criticized Europe Super League. But except for a few beneficiaries and the fans sitting on the sofa, everyone is the same as me. "

"I have never been such a person, I will go to the stadium to see Brescia's game, I dream of seeing the team I support to defeat the strongest. Now I think so, I am also a coach, I hope to pass My own game, try to get the result that it seems impossible. Of course, I want to succeed, at least you have to have the possibility of participating in the competition, I am very troubled to the European Super League decision. "

About the proposal for the first World Cup every two years

Deapet: "The Warloth of the World Cup is because of this year between the next session, you need to wait for four years."