The Qian Hua Mao 10 completely lost: in just 6 years, the price plummeted 90%!Is the World Cup hanging?

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The Qian Hua Mao 10 completely lost: in just 6 years, the price plummeted 90%!Is the World Cup hanging?

2021-11-25 14:38:44 20 ℃

In the early morning of September 23, Beijing time, Qatar Aliyang Club officially announced that Hames Rodrigue officially joined!

Luo didn't Everton, Yingchao, came to Qatar "Nursing". The official news came out, it caused a warm discussion. The famous football data master Misterchip sighs: "J Luo went to Qatar to play. He is only 30 years old. This means that Luo's football career has ended, he has started his own business. Original, J Lu Luo has a legendary superstar condition But he made a mistake, lacking willil. Unfortunately, his team did not provide enough help, wasted talent. "

2014 World Cup of Luo

6 - 7 years ago, J Lu has been known as the best 10th in the football, and has a half-style 9 style. The 2014 World Cup, J Luo is born, score 6 goals, and gets the Golden Boot Award. This is the most brilliant moment of J Luo football career. The world's fans know this is called Hames's sunshine boy.

Luo Wonderful moment

After the 2014 World Cup, the Roost wore 10 jerseys to join Real Madrid, and the transfer fee was as high as 80 million euros, he was treated as a super superstar. In the 2014-15 season, J Luo is in Real Madrid ,ads, and holds the top data of 17 ball 18 assists, which is an absolute offensive core in the 4231 tactical system in the Antherty.

The peak period of Luo's price is 2014 to 2015, and the price of virtue is estimated to be 80 million euros. The last biography of the long-range and mock-to-peaks of the top of the penalty area is the two major killers of J Lu Luo, and J Lu has also had obvious shortcomings: his speed and exercise ability is general, the ability to fight, it needs absolute core position.

After Benitz became Real Madrid, after the manager, J Lu Luo lost, and the master of the main position, the master was turned over. When the manager became Real Madrid, J Luo did not suddenly wake up. In the 433 system in Zida, J Luo from the front waist is not found. In this way, Luo has been wasting his time.

Ancelotti rescued J Lu Luo last September, Real Madrid sent J Luo to Everton. However, J Luo is in the UK, and it is also a 6-ball 5 assists in the high-intensity and super fast rhythm.

From Everton to Ali Yang, J Lu Luo's transfer fee is 8 million euros - this is 80 million euros of Real Madrid in 2014, 2015 Ethical Estate, forming a distinct contrast. In six years, J Luo's value shrinks 90%! "Maca" also pointed out that if Colombia entered the 2022 World Cup, J Luo, stayed away from the European stage, will face the possibility of no world cup.