4-0!Chen Mengqiang sweeps the fastest glory in the history of 32 strong impact

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4-0!Chen Mengqiang sweeps the fastest glory in the history of 32 strong impact

2021-11-25 14:36:10 17 ℃

On November 25, Beijing time, Houston World Table Tennis Tennis Competition will serve the next day. Women unilaterally, the world's first Dynasty 4-0 easily defeated Singapore players Lin Lee, and successfully advanced 32.

Chen Meng currently ranked first in the world. At the end of the Tokyo Olympics, Chen Meng finally won the gold medal, completed the biggest dream of his career. And with Ding Ning retired, Liu Shiwen gradually faded, Chen Meng has become a veritable country tennis. After winning the Olympics, Chen Meng also said that his era is coming.

Chen Meng's opponent Lin Ye from Singapore, currently ranking No. 61 in the world, 25 years old. Lin Lee is Singapore No. 3 player, and once in the Olympic group competition, 1-3 is not enemy. Chen Meng is looking forward to completing its grandmother in this World Table Tennis game, making it the fastest to get a grand player, because she has already got the World Cup and the Olympic champion. But finally completed the goal, you need a step forward, Lin Lee is the first opponent.

The first game, Chen Mengyou has turned over, 1-4 is behind. Chen Meng is adjusted in time, and the rhythm of the game will be reconnected. After 6 levels, Chen Meng took 3 points. Soon, Chen Meng 11-7 won the first game.

The second bureau, the two people bite a tight, but Chen Meng controls the situation. After 6-5, Chen Meng has won 4 points to get the bureau. Although Lin Ye chased 9-10, Chen Meng took the last bureau, 11-9 wins again.

The third game, Chen Meng completely entered his rhythm, and Lin Ye was played some discouragement, mistakes, Chen Meng quickly 11-4, 3-0 lead.

The fourth game, Chen Meng 5-0 started, Lin Ye has been completely smashed. 11-3, the final Chen Meng 4-0 won the opponent, advanced to 32.