NBA ranking update!Warrior pressure 14 game winning sun, Ten Luhu wins, the rocket end 15

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NBA ranking update!Warrior pressure 14 game winning sun, Ten Luhu wins, the rocket end 15

2021-11-25 14:36:16 12 ℃

On November 25 NBA regular season, up to 13 games, 26 teams, there are many games, and they are very exciting. Among them, the Warriors Hardworship of the western part of the Warriors, the Lake Tower reversed the walker, the sun has 14 consecutive victories, the forest wolf defeated the heat, the dragonfly, the rocket end 15 losses; the eastern basket network gains a victory , The eagle and the Bucks continue to maintain a winning momentum, and the hot brigade and other strong teams have lost the ball. Let's take a look at NBA latest rankings:

Warrior record of the first party;

Today, the Warriors have encountered a big test. The last half of the Warriors rely on a wave of 14-2 in the third quarter. At the end of the two sides, the Warriors of Anderson thoroughly broke out, Vilins, Poole and Curry also had a good play, and finally the Warriors won 20 points, showing super power. Such a Warriors has 5 consecutive victories, and their records come to 16 wins and 2 losses, with 88.9% of the winning rate, and the first position of the League.

The sun is 14 consecutive victories;

The sun is one of the strongest teams in this season. After the opening of the game, after 3 losses, they started to run quickly, all the way to win 14 consecutive victories, this is the longest winning record of each team this season. The sun is getting better and better under Bok, Paul and Entati, especially Bak, from the early stages of the season. Emton, Eaton, was also affected by the contract incident, but it apparently he has forgotten the outside thing, and it is getting better and better. Bridges et al. Also have a good play, and the team is 14 consecutive victories.

The Lakers will win;

Today, the Lakers ushered in the last battle of 5 guests. The Lakers are in the backwardness in the regular time, and the pedestrians continue to wast the opportunity, giving the Lakers's anti-super chance. Du Alte is in the intersection of three points to drag the game into the overtime game. In the overtime game, 37-year-old James began to break out, and then tied to victory after continuous hit, so that the Lakers stopped the recent decline, and then they can finally return to the home battle.

The rocket ends 15 links;

The Rockets face the bull today, almost no one is optimistic before the game, after all, the Rocket 15 loses, the Bull is the ranking of the front of the east. However, in the game, the rocket staged a good show, the team behind the lack of eyelan wounded in the first half, the second half, the replacement player, the three-pointer is also the key to the rocket reversal. This rocket defeated the bull, and finally lost a few months later, it was very difficult to end the recent 15 links.

Basket network double happiness;

Nets can say double happiness today, first of all, the team will win, and the first in the eastern part. Secondly, the main competitor This round is all lost, so that the Net is in the east a state of air. Durant's status is still very good, Harden, Mills and others have a strong performance of strong performance. This season's Nets started from the state fluctuated, but it quickly rely on the recent wave of winning and strong performance, successfully rose to the first place, showing powerful role.

The three strong teams are lost;

This wheel is when the basket will win, the waters, the hot and bulls have lost the ball, which is very regrettable for them, misses the opportunity to narrow the gap with the list. This is the most regrettable. In the scene challenge the rocket, I rely on the advantages of score under the leadership of Ravin and Ball, helplessness is that the team is not restricted in the next half. The opponent's three-pool, eats the defeat, burst the biggest cold door of this round, and opened the gap by the Net.

Bucks 5 winches;

The Bucks wins today, they gain a victory in 19 points, so two battles, the Bucks wins 50+ points, after the three giants rebuild, the Buck has 5 battles, and the performance is strong. Letter brother, Middton and Holdi are very good to live offense, plus the Canton on Portis and the substitute, and the team turns out the front of the offense and defensive end, and kills the top six in the east.

Eagle 6 consecutive victory;

The eagle has ever had a 6-game defeat, and then defeated the Bucks to end the losers, thus opened the outbreak trip. They won the horse thorn today. In fact, the strength of the eagle is still very strong, there is Tercha, Luwei, Garyali and Capelai and others. After all, last season also entered the Eastern Final, and also look forward to their next performance.