The next is a stir-up?Exposure Fire is weighing the future of Salas!68-year-old Association is ready to take off work

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The next is a stir-up?Exposure Fire is weighing the future of Salas!68-year-old Association is ready to take off work

2021-11-25 14:37:33 14 ℃

On November 25th, Beijing time, according to well-known American media Bleacher Report, a number of sources revealed that the Rockets are trying the future of the main coach Stephen Sierras. Last weekend, the king fired the coach Luke Wharton, and Salas may become a coach of the alliance.

Since defeating the Thunder on October 22, the Rocket has lost 15 games, even if this is a rebuilding team, it will also impact the team's morale and optimism. Of course, Sierras's situation and Wharton have different, and the rocket high-end does not expect the team to enter the playoffs this season. Sources said that General Manager Stone has instructing young people in the coach's key to cultivating teams, such as small Kemin Potter and Jay Green.

However, the key to the problem is that the Rockets have hired Sierras, not let him guide the rebuild. When Series took office, Harden and Wei Shao were still in the Rockets, but now the two have left the town. "They let him (Sierras) is in a difficult situation." Said the deputy general manager of a team, "Salas is really one of the best people in NBA. He is very concerned about others. Put him in a group The young man is, and the young man only cares about his data and playing time, he is indeed not suitable for such a team. "

When the rocket decided to let the past all-star control Wall no longer play, their goals have become very clear, that is, continue to make a journey. Although the rocket management is not expected to Salas's record, 1 win 16 losses is still outside their expectations. A high management of a western team said sympathetically: "What should he do this year?"

The Rocket is one of the youngest teams in the Alliance, and Harden's trading has not given a substantial construction cornerstone. They missed this - Simmons and Sebul, gets the center of Allen, because he trades him with Woodship. Sierra is working hard to change the status of the team, but the effect is small, and the general manager is a more profound manager, and even enter the training ground to preach the philosophy to the player.

Many sources revealed that Sierras were dismissed at any time, and 68-year-old assistant Lucas was likely to be temporary coach. Lucas has been a long-term support for the Rocket, and the relationship with Stone is very close, and even helps the children of the training. At present, some signs have shown that Salas's handsome is unstable. After this season, his contract is only one year.