Also saved!The key three points to help the king to end losing, the older look is buried, it is really Wharton's fault.

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Also saved!The key three points to help the king to end losing, the older look is buried, it is really Wharton's fault.

2021-11-26 00:03:45 7 ℃

Before the NBA has not yet entered the NBA, the reputation of Ma Wen is a beautifully known as the talented inner line of Duke University. After the 18th year of participating in the election, he joined the king of the Sacramento, but in this. The famous fisherman of the new Xiu Cemetery ", although Baghre can hand over 14.9 points 7.6 rebounds in the first season, but compared to the same champion, Eidton, average bombing 16.3 points 10.3 rebound , Xuandong Chicch is a total of 21.2 points 7.8 rebound 6 assists all-round data, even the 5th Xiitreang also has 19.1 points 3.7 rebound 8.1 assists, so Baghre, this data sheet, how much is it? Stunning.

In the next few seasons, Baghrell should be reused by the king. After all, this rebuilt team has lacks a genius inner line to support the ban, and then played a famous name after Bagh Lee, nature is the most suitable candidate. But let's take the coach Luke Wharton, strong, such as the lake's ball, Engram has not had a day, not to mention only 20 years old Bagli. On the one hand, it is because of Wharton's cultivation strategy, and on the other hand, Baghre's injury is also hindering him of further development. In the top three seasons in the top three in the past three seasons, Baghli can only hand in 14 + 7 mediocre data, seeing the Eastern Chicge, Tre Yang, Alexander, and Burto, these comrades have each self-relying on the top. Salary, but Bagli is still working hard for yourself, it is really awkward.

Before this season, Baghri is also directly informing the king's coaching group will not enter the starting lineup. The team would rather let Holmes, Mei Mu's two-three-three players to lead the penalty area, and they are not willing to re-use Baghly. At that time, the outside world was not small. Just in the first three seasons, I can play the first Bagley, which is directly refrigerated this season. Just thinking that he is in the countdown in the King's time, the King recently fell out the leader Watton, and this caused Bagley was abandoned, "culprit" leaving, and let the list of this list In the days, he cut 4 minutes and 5 rebounds, 10 points, 8 rebounds, especially the recent king and the trailers, Bagli's hit the key three-pointer, ball The team has a shocking competition with 125-121, ending the battle of the previous 4-game losing streak.

At the realistic level, Baghre wants to re-regain the first prior, but if he can keep it efficient on the bench, maybe I will give yourself a good trading market, so I will leave the king. The team fulfilled his talent. After all, Bagger is only 22 years old. If you can go to a team suitable for yourself, it is not possible to play your own eye value, ushered in rebirth.