Hero 14 consecutive victories!Who can stop the three giant sun, dead basket, two war warriors

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Hero 14 consecutive victories!Who can stop the three giant sun, dead basket, two war warriors

2021-11-26 00:03:36 4 ℃

What is the most fascinating team in the alliance? Many people talk about the Phoenix Suns, the team from Phoenix is ​​already 14 consecutive victories, the record is 15 wins and 3 losses, ranking second in the west, second only to Warriors. The sun lost the ball, or on October 28, it was not enemied in November, and they stayed all, did not taste the failure, and the performance was quite strong.

It is worth mentioning that the sun performance in the season is not good, one degree of 3 wins and 3 negative openings, only the Lakers, ranking the countdown in the western part, but they ushered in the outbreak, the three giants are getting better and better, especially It is Bak from the early days of the season, and it is suitable for basketball. Paul's play has always been very stable, Eaton's performance is also more excellent, and Bridges, Claude, Penne will, and new McGee is also very efficient after the replacement, very good. Help new east.

So who can stop the peak sun? Looking at the next schedule, it is not easy, including the passengers on the Nicks and Nets, the main business games, the two-war Warriors, the game, can say the next five games, the strength of the opponent Very powerful.

Among them, the Nets are the first in the east, and rely on the recent wave of winners, have gradually opened other competitors, Harden, Durant, Mills and Ade's play are also obvious, and the Net is also the east performance. The best team. The two war warriors will be the absolute sun in the western trial stone. After all, the sun record is only behind a team, that is the warrior. Whether the sun can shock the West in the West, the main gauter two war warriors is very critical. In addition to the two super teams of Nets and Warriors, they still have to face the Knicks and other teams, and their strength is not good.

It is necessary to say that the sun is 14 consecutive victories, not all the home and the weak brigade, including they have the imagination, double kills, defeat the Nuggets, these are the good teams in the western performance. The sun has won the victory in the face of them. If you don't say something truth from facts, this sun does not experience the test of the top team during the super long winning battle, so it is very important for them.

So I look forward to the future of the sun, as the western champion in the last season, their strength is very strong, and the main lineup also introduces McGi and others, and the strength can be said to be more powerful. Plus the recent wave of winning, so the sun is dead basket, two war warriors, watching it.