Battier: Universal Glue and Non-stick

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Battier: Universal Glue and Non-stick

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With a tiger, the role player next to the popular ball is not so good.

Sometimes the heart is concerned that the superstars have the requirements of their almost superline, sometimes need to tolerate the vanity of the superstars, admitting an oolong lens is their own mistake, under extreme conditions, and even bear a whole country fans. Angry - Zhu Wan - Howard does not defend, Alston is too waves, Brooks JB cast, as for Bob - Sura, Well, he must have a background of Huying ...

In this case, it is either, either playing the ball's reputation swamp, Sean Batil is a heterogeneous. He can at least be alone in the popular star, stay away from the programs after the failure.

He stayed in the rocket, relying on the president, with a virtue man, leaning on the tenderness of the world, leaving the time, everyone is a thumbs up, and no monks will blame him; he wins in the hot fire, according to the finals The three-shift rain is praised, and it is also a high wind festival when retiring, and everyone is full of praise.

Of course, this kind of temperament is not natural, Battier will definitely have his place.

He may become a president in the future

In 1993, the 14-year-old Battier joined the Michigan National Day High School. At this time his alumni, Chris Weber was elected to enter NBA. The whole school is looking forward to making them a high school again like Weber. The United States. However, the height of 193 cm, it looks flat, but it is flat, but it is destroyed by people's fantasies. "It doesn't look too much."

As a birth class, it is good to eat, and the children can blow out the name of the name, and the first time in the basketball that is good at. No, Battier is not willing.

Do you look flat me? I am going to do it.

Four years later, Battil High School graduated, is already a member of McDonald's, in other words, he may be one of ten high school students who will play basketball in the United States. On the occasion of his high school graduation, he and his high school coach at the time said: "At that time, Chris (Weber) led the school for three consecutive years, and won the State Basketball, I couldn't make him. Now, I have done this. "

In 1997, McDonald's All-Star, can you find which is Battier?

This is Battier, although not on the face, but he remembers these. By the feat of the traditional black stars, he is obviously a lot after this autumn.

In 1997, Battier and At the time, McDonald's teammate Elton Brand entered the Duke University, and the most impressed, the team staff was impressed, but not 221 cm. Rand is a bowed Battier. At that time, the team manager only talked once with Battier. When I got home, I said to my wife: "I met a child today, and he may become a president later."

Then, the season is 7.6 points, and the president of 6.4 rebounds is not a bit name. That's because you didn't see Battier's defensive contribution. His all-season defensive contribution is up to 4.7, the nation's fourth, which is still only 24.6 minutes.

In the big two seasons, Battil decided to further grind the technical short board as a sharp line: three points. After hard work, his three points also increased from the last year of 24 times (0.7 times), the average of 2.5 times), the defense but did not fall, won the best defenders, Duke also only Lost, eventually break into the finals.

Failure is painful, but it is not the most tragic. In 1999, NCAA finals, Duke lost to Connecticut with three points, and even more of them, the gods were graduated in the four graduates, plus new Ma Gari, second grade Brand, Efrey All chooses to go to NBA, equal to Duke's most played six people walked four. Brand is not forgotten to persuade Battier before leaving: "We all hit the finals, many players can't do this four years, still hesitate? Let's come back."

At this time, if Battier is not unlikely, he does not choose to leave, but also picked up the banner of Blue Devils, causing the Duke Captain. His answer is: "I have to help Duke get the championship, and then I will enter the NBA."

"He used to be the first star" "

In 2000, Battier, Daxia became the core of Duke, and average 17.4 points 5.6 rebound 2 steals 2.1 caps, but the team regretted to flourish Florida and stopped the 16th. In the summer, Chris Carville graduated, last year's runner-up lineup only Battier alone. And that champion dream seems to be gradually being farther away.

But under the wind, Battier, the big four, more than 20 points, 7 rebounds 2 steals 2 caps, three-pointed campaign reached the third, reached the achievements of the three-year-old best players. Stealing the number of the caps of Duke's team, and also have a Duke Shengfang record that was broken: It is not the madness that has not started, and Battier has won the team 124 games, more than The 122 games of Christian-Leterner.

Listen to the original slogan of Duke fans: "WHO's your daddy? Shane Battier!" That is his prove in the season.

Fans In the auditorium open cheating input password

In the end, Battil took NCAA's various personal awards, Na-Smith Award, John Wooden Award, Oscar Robterson Award ... The most important thing is, April 2, Battier 18 + 11 + 6 Lead Duke won Arizona got the champion, and finally gave him a successful number of college career. This story sounds very excited, there is a kind of taste that is abandoned by teammates, and finally repaired the fruit.

Can you actually? Big Battier is not a big four o'clock, the 99 years of the 99 years is: Brandi-Temple, Battier is just a first round, in other words, Battier is indeed well. The cloud is typical, on the one hand, it is just the correct decision that meets your own quotes.

Inside! String! Bise! host! (NCAA only)

What's more, in the end of the second season of the lesion, the Admissions Office of Duke University once again, even if I got four happy people, but they pulled the first control of the United States, Jason, William Sub (later because of the white chocolate, he renamed Jie Williams), the four high school students in the past 30th year in the year.

In 2000, although graduated from Jiaville, Duke added the Sixth Chris Dual Hong, Tyjie-Williams, is also the first national first, and also broke the team history.

What is the fairy teammate ...

So for Battier, the team is not a more difficult decision, but in the NCAA, it may be more beneficial to his future NBA road.

"He sacrificed data for the team"

In the 2001 Election Conference, Memphis Grizzly became the biggest winner. They perfectly avoided all high school students, through the transaction, I got an underestimated Gasol in the third time, the sixth time chose Battier . Afterwards, Zhuge Liang said that Qimei-Brown, Eddie-Cali did not arrange in front of Battier, and at the time of the Times, the Alliance's team wants to have its own sack or internal core, talented Young people will naturally be favored. Kumei-Brown's draft template is Weber, Garnett, Battier's template is Bobby Jones, not open the eyes, and chooses 10,000 times will be the former. Bobby Jones can't be the core of the team.

The rookie season, Battier reached the peak of personal data, averaging 14.4 points 5.4 rebound 2.8 Assistance 1.6 steals 1.0 cover, follow the strength of the university performance. As a traditional Duke graduate, Battier has a high-quality temperament: 3.96 performance, high glimethers, leadership spirit ... These help him quickly and stand in NBA.

Then what? Then he became all the best examples of all scuters. NCAA players and NBA players.

In the 03-04 season, the Grizzlies completed the black horses after the start of the game, and it has been in the rank of the playoffs since 2004. And this has also become the evidence of Battil's "sacrifice". After all, he played a whole season, the appearance time fell to 24.6 minutes, and the average score of the average is only 8.5 points.

The sacrifice is of course a good thing, but the truth in the world in the basketball is: No one will ask Jordan or James to do so substant for your teammates. In fact, the 03-04 season is the only full season of Hao Hao Hu Bi-Brown, and his old man has a famous saying:

"If you can't get the data I need in the specified time, then go at the end."

Huab Brown, who took the best coach in Grizzlies (then he defeated the second old Selon)

In fact, from tactics, Hu Bumi is one of the most close to NCAA's old handsome, and his coaching style has two characteristics:

1, believe in the car wheel. The team he coached a season often had more than 10 players to be separated from the previous time, and he gave the perfect gums in this style. When the season team has 10 people, the game is 20 minutes. .

2, the ancient plate is thin, this is a common problem of the old coach. Even the white chocolate that is inertious has become a rigorous robot that only 1.9 mistakes under him.

Therefore, the story of the story is gradually clarified. On the thick front line of Grizzlies at the time, Battier's importance may not necessarily be able to have a strong Mike Miller and Port.

In fact, when the Presses were injured in the middle of the season, they were also the first to occupy the first and Bangqi-Wales, not Battier ...

Where is life?

"The role of data reflects"

Grizzlies Renaissance The second year, stubborn Hu Bi-Brown, the new is another college sent old handsome Mike - Flatro. He has no quirks in the former, and Battier's starting position is also returned. Under the guidance of new handsome, the team has completed the transformation, from the semi-running brought to the switch, becomes a slow position-war defensive team. The team's defensive efficiency in these two years is in the top five in the Alliance.

In the rhythm of the position of the position, Battil is like a fish, he can help the team to improve the quality of defensive quality without leaking. The focus is stable, not eating, and the body is good. The offensive players will be forced to the offensive players according to data and self-observations, even they don't know uncomfortable point. In addition, he will pre-regulate the offensive foul, which is the manifestation of the player.

Battier partially creates an offensive foul lens

At this time, Battier is the favorite of the ball emperor, and they will receive the defensive and universal glue properties of his textbook version, as if he has a certain sing a little winning. But in the basketball court, correct, reasonable and not necessarily constitute "effective" - ​​textbooks have never been written, and the real genius has the ability to change the password on the basketball court.

We all know that O'Nere, Duncan has invisible deterrent in the penalty area; Ola Zhu Wang and Ben-Wallace can also make the self-restricted area into a no-fly zone. This is a great defensive person: "The strategy that can directly change the opposition of the other party" (Karair describes the original word of the Wallace)

This is actually the most difficult thing to express data, can only be verified by the team's defensive efficiency. Battier obviously did not reach this level.

In the two-year-old playoffs in the playoffs, in the face of the two 60th win teams, whether the sun's dynamic attack or calf multi-click, Grizzlies are not born. Don't say that the team defensive this, the personal defense, Battier has repeatedly rides on the head to make powerful blessings.

In 2005, Battil's focus on Malian, this should be the people who are the best at the cowhin type defender (see the live teaching of the 2005 Western final Bao Wen), and the results of Marion face Battier. Average 20 + 10;

Sometimes it can only use this action that is close to malicious foul from being stopped from

In 2006, Battil was directly suppressed by Josh-Howard, while Grizzlies used his small defense to deal with Novitzki, no good fruit. Half is cut 21 points by 7 of Demple 10, and the second half is directly discarded. (And his old team friend in the finals, the same defended Dem, the effect is much better)

"Ah is really good to prevent it," then can't prevent it ...

One-on-one is really casual ...

Tex occasionally, will also take a cover to get rid of jump shot (see the defender to the big child cover at that time)

The scene did not reflect the defensive skill of Battier, and the data is exposed to his offensive end. In the three-year playoff, Battil is only 6 minutes and 5 rebounds 0.8 assists, far less than 9.5 points of 6 rebounds 1.5 assists in regular seasonings, with a hit 45.9%, 37.9% dropped to 43.9% and 28.6%, Instead, the number of mistakes and the number of fouls are rising: from 0.9 mistakes and 2.5 fouls to 1.3 mistakes and 3.9 fouls.

The most people can't touch my mind, as a defensive person who is stable in a psychological quality, he is not shameful in three years of punishment.

This is really a bit can't say ...

In this case, as a high-class player who has been cultured for many years, it is probably that it should be reasonable.

"That is Kobe, can't prevent it very normal"

In the summer of 2006, the Rockets were drawn on the 8th. They chose the Gay of the way, take it to exchange the Grizzly Battier.

At that time, the popularity of Rockets took a certain time, and they needed McGrady and Yao Ming need that, that is, the power and the third player. The rocket believes that Battil is what they are looking for - a third chair of a champion team (do they see the performance of the Battier playoffs in the past few years ...).

The head coach Jeff - Van Gundi said: "You want to match the players who have tough, wisdom, and high-spirited around Yao Ming and McGrady, Battier happens to all in line with these advantages."

The name of this picture is called: chemical reaction ()

Regardless of the effect, Battier's popularity has skyrocketed, and the wind and character of peace of mind make him the most demanding rocket player around Yao Mai. In 2007, in the Las Vegas All-Star Voting, he actually ranked the fifth place in the front line player! Second to Duncan, Garnett, Novitzki and Anthony. The number of votes is almost Malian, Odom, Howard, his front teammates, Gasol, Bzeor's twice! Don't look at the background material in front, you can't imagine this is a ticket for a 11-point 4 rebound player.

This result is really a bit absurmous, but it is not necessary to be unspeakable. On January 10, Yao Ming is lacking, the Rockets are at home to meet the Lakers. This should be that Kai Wai war has become a highlight of Battier's defensive book. Just 4 minutes and 20 seconds, Battier used their familiar to attack, let Kobe have a rest, very good to disrupted the rhythm of the Lakers, and help the Rockets laugh at the Lakers.

Battier's most successful game for Kebi

At this point, Battil's proprietary is a famous scene of everyone, but in fact, from the ultimate effect, in general, Battier's defense against Kobe is not too much more than others ...

As early as a new decision, Battil was repaired by Kobe, 3, 56 points, was completely exploded.

This is really can't keep up ... all kinds of steps

In the end of the year, the Lakes at the end of the Lakers reverse the Grizzlies, Kobe put it under the defense of Battier.

And the 06-07 season, Kobe's second rocket, Kobe single field 53 points almost destroyed Battil (he created "He But Kobe" speech)

In the season of 08-09, Kobe has been incredible in the incredible shooting of Dafa in Dafa;

Still this year, on January 13th, March 11th, the Lakers two turned the rocket, Kobe did not play Battier's little temper (this year is 28 points, 28 points, the hit rate is as high as 53%). ); Battier defense BOP comes from the 07-08 season, the last moment Battier first is three points, and then the self-explosive truck type has stopped Kobe's killing.

Kobi embrace the floor summoned the old friend and the old fox zen teacher quietly arranged the clip, McGrady is a group of actors, the big liar, directly pass ...

Yao Ming didn't understand it in the first time: What is the situation? Oh……

I have never seen anyone who is punished and I have been very happy ...

This is indeed a highlight of the Battier career, but before these two shots, it is actually Battier's time to be a half a minute and a half clock, and the 8 points 1 assists alternately flipped dilemma (that Competition ratio 45 points) ......

Step by + color shoot three points ...

Talking about the defensive department, Battier is explained in 2008: "The Lakers can have 0.98 points, while Kobe's left-wing shot is only 44%, when he does the Lakers can only get 0.88 points, also That is to say, I want Kobe in this basket, which can make the Lakers a round of 0.1. "

This logic looks great, that is, Kobe as long as I have used it, the Battier has achieved the purpose. As for the incoming? That is not important, anyway is Kobe.

The result is that the previous three games in 2009 in 2009, Kobe in a total of 50 votes in the Battier, but only 14 times on the left, 6 goals, can say Battil's strategy and Did not get very effective.

Even in the left wing + blocked, Kobe can also be put into ...

"Historical process and personal choice"

So here, about Battil's aura has been faded. In 2011, he was abandoned by the Rockets and returned to the Grizzly Bear. It basically announced that everyone has reached a consistency:

1, Battier's indexalism book, his judgment, skill tactical action option is a model worthy of every new person, he can maintain its own defensive to the position in most cases, is a team of team in the eyes of the coach. His defenders have great kill for character players with obvious defective.

However, Battil's defensive style does not seek a good style, and the aggressive is insufficient. Plus the talent, so even if you can always use the correct way to prevent it, he also can't prevent the characteristics of all star attack hands (even if Malian and the peak Jose-Howard this level).

Moreover, he does not have the ability to defens the four-digit position (the most passenger strings), and he will not keep up with the speed fast, the other party speeds up or playing the guard, he will look more than the wolf.

With the legs of the old fish, you can sway Battier.

Therefore, it is better to say that he is his tag with him. In general, he is a defender that "bully fear hard".

2, Battier can only play the role of vacancy pitcher in the attack, and the ability of the ball can be used as there, the legendary low back is basically not seen in the NBA, let alone the ability to deal with and handling the ball.

And his shooting ability, more from hard practice rather than talent, switched before the shot, and once he shoulder a large defensive pressure (especially when defending the four digits), its shooting rate will avalanche.

In short, he has never become the strength of the team's three characters.

Occasionally there are some active operations

However, his good reputation is still helped him in the 2011 contract expires, Miami is hot into Battil's new foothold, and the reason for joining, except that he is an excellent character player, there is a hot CEO The Nick-Alison (the hot boss Nick-Arison's son), 2000-2003, Nick Alison has served as a manager in Duke and is Battier's old acquaintance.

"When I left Duke, I have said to him 'If the team is missing the striker, I remember to call me'." Battir said that this is a smile.

When I arrived in Miami, Battier went to defensive four-digit, defensive shortcomings were more obvious, given that the front line partner James himself is stronger than sweeping and oppression, and needs to be at the end of the Attack, most of Battier It is only possible to show yourself "sacrifice for the champion".

In the east playoffs, Battier often was hit on the ground ...

At this time, Battre reproduces himself in the Grizzlies - after the defensive consumption is too large, his offense has disappeared directly.

In 2012, in 2013, Battil was paying attention to the Eastern Section of the Full, and the hit rate was often less than 30%. It was basically only calculated as cannon. Take a look at the hit rate in the past two years (the third year of almost abandoned) Battier 49 in 9 hit rates, that is, his consequences of the defensive end and the quantity of contact. This is reflected in the offensive end, but it is difficult to see if Bosh is also difficult.

Change individuals may be disadgedful ...

In fact, Battier quickly was brought to the marginalization and almost a nail (in fact he later in the hot routine play, but the distant oriental people said good. : A person's destiny, it is necessary to struggle against personal, but also to see the history process ...

Battier, which is hot, really waited for his own historical process. After the Wakper won the championship in 2011, the alliance becomes more and more attention to the projection space, and the western team going to the front end of the tactical development is even more such. Whether the Thunder is still a spurs, it is the first to start the four-digit. team.

So when the two teams became an opponent in the finals, Battier suddenly found themselves to breathe smoothly - after all, the gun is naturally more comfortable than the low meat.

So, the 2012 finals Battier 31 times out of the three-point line, the second year is more than 27, it is all three points ... Faced with the defense of Zhan Wei's strong squeezing, he is very competitive The three-pointer rate of 57% and 44% was investigated, helping the team got two rings.

In this way, Battier's poor performance has nothing to do. Anyway, only $ 3.5 million role players in a year, the finals enters 10 three-pointers, can you still ask him?

What is most, Mr. "President" is a model in the example of people.

As a player in 06 and the Rocket Yao Ming, as of the 2014 after retiring, Battil's China, he came to China 9 times before and again (the shoes also had 9 generations ...), and can use Chinese Perform short exchange.

Yao Ming juvenile decommissioning ceremony, Battier directly came to "five thanks" speech.

In order to active locker room atmosphere, two projects of "NCAA Crazy March Quiz" and "Battilka OK Charity Competition" have been praised: "Battier is the smarter athlete in my communication ring and The smartest person. "

These skills packages can't see, so that you don't have anything, it seems that there is no wonder the Battier's head - even if he really hands out the performance of the war, the cooker is also a giant standing in front of him. More (not to mention the big gods really losing the game).

The so-called basketball is not a killing, but is a human love.

Battil is like this, he is both a universal glue, and it is also non-stick.