5 3!Send 9 plates 7 assists, the data is not high, but the key to winning, Zhuang God is defeated by him without some temper

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5 3!Send 9 plates 7 assists, the data is not high, but the key to winning, Zhuang God is defeated by him without some temper

2021-11-26 00:03:58 7 ℃

On November 25th, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued, the Warriors were officially launched against the game of France City. After the game started, Philadelphia was very efficient in the offensive end, and the defensive end can also limit the attack of the warrior. The first battle, Philadelphia leads 11 points. Enter the second section, the Warriors blows the anti-Pavilion angle, and the three sections have been in a parental moment. In the end, the Warriors passing through the four sessions were overcome with 116-96.

Introduction, the game Philadelphia is mainly on the details and offensive efficiency. For example, in the offense, the Warriors played very teams, and the Philadelphia gave people a single player. The most intuitive data is the number of assists. The whole game warrior sent 32 assists, Philadelphia only sent 17 assists. There is also an offensive efficiency: Temperson's shooting rate is 43%, and only 28% of the three-point ball is only 28%. Instead, the warriors' shooting hit rate up to 52%, and 39% of the three-pointer hit rates. Obviously, it will be able to say that the Philadelphia is not awkward from these data.

Ok, I have finished the ball, let's talk about the warrior of winning. Objectively speaking, this game Warriors play the best players undoubtedly the library. The game is 34 minutes in the game, 16 shots 9, among which is 3, the ball is 6, the ball 2 is 1, get 25 points, 4 rebounds, 10 assists, 1 steals comprehensive data, positive and negative value +29. The game in this game is very perfect whether it is an offensive end, or a combing of the offensive end. Of course, in addition to the exception of the outstanding play, the Warriors also have another player's performance, this player is Green.

The game Green was played 28 minutes, 5 shots 3, free throw 4 in 4, got 10 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists, 1 steal data. There is no doubt that if the data of the data Green is not beautiful. However, the role of Green is that the data cannot be reflected. Fans who have seen the game will know how important Green is in the role of Green. Attack end Green is a warrior's offensive engine. When the ground attack, Green is online to make the warrior's offense is very smooth. When the defensive counterattack, Green grabs the backfoot can quickly hold the ball, so that the warrior's offensive rhythm is very fast. The defensive end Green is the axial of the warrior, especially when he is a small lineup, Green will assume the heavy responsibility of the defensive 5. Looking at the gods, I will know how embarrassed under his defense. The game is only 1 point in the game. It's impossible to say that Zhuang Nine is really a little bit of temper.

It is also the sentence that Green's data is not beautiful, but Green is the key to the warrior to win the game. In particular, there is Green, and Curry will be relatively relatively easy. It is actually more than just this game, but the play of Green in the season has always been very stable. When he is, the strength of the Warriors' attack and defense is very balanced, Green is not there, the warrior's attack and defense will fall a grade. Borrowing a fan of fans is that Green If the Green can only be an ordinary player in other teams, but in Warriors Green will be a top-salary player. Obviously, we can read the role of Green on the Warriors from this sentence.