The ridiculous guy changed his life at the age of 20: Moving brick delivery for 5 years, 10 years later, Champions League

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The ridiculous guy changed his life at the age of 20: Moving brick delivery for 5 years, 10 years later, Champions League

2021-11-26 00:02:50 5 ℃

"I am too addicted to the party before, so that life is a mess!"

In order to change your life, 20-year-old football fan Messias came to Italy.

Originally, dreaming, the green field of Yabinnin, did not want to finally entered the construction site.

Moving bricks and delivered for 5 years, 25-year-old Messias shouted in Guartan League, and set foot on the career.

From the 5th level of Italy to Guart, Scott, Spiece, and the B Achicate, 30 years old, his name in the Champions Leather Office.

The 20-year-old ridiculous guy who wants to change life, finally thirty and became a big star of the Champions League tonight.

01. Life changed by a car accident

In Brazil, football and happiness are the main melody in every young man life.

Messias has excellent football talents, but because it is too indulging life that cannot be a professional player.

He is addicted to the carnival, because the driver has driven an accident. After waking up, Messias lying on the roadside grass decided to change life.

In 2011, he left the hometown of South America and came to the Yaping Ning Peninsula. It is eager to play a living here.

However, the difficulty of things is always bigger than the dream. He left the only chance, it is to enter the construction site to clean up bricks and garbage.

From moving bricks to the Wasman, Messias spells them in order to stay in Europe. At the same time, he did not give up his own football dream and show talent on the wild ball.

Because the ball kicks well, he was seen by a Freight boss of a Peru, not only got the job of the delivery staff, but also joined the boss's business football team.

In 2015, Mesyas, who had been 25, finally ushered in a major turn!

Italy Fifth League team Casales coach Ezio Rossi, found genius Mesus in the wild ball.

Because the weekly needs to participate in 4 training, Messias, who has the future of this future, is hesitant.

His first reaction was refused: "Sorry, the kick is too much, I have a wife and child in Brazil, and I need to support it. As the delivery service, I can earn 1200 euros every month, full-time risk. Risk I can't afford it. "

Fortunately, I didn't give up the thousand miles away. He persuaded the team's boss and gave Messias a monthly salary of 1500 euros.

In the 2015-16 season, the Italian Excellence (5th level), the 32 games of Messias have become a big star here.

The coach of Huiyi Talent has got a rich return, and the team successfully raised the Italian Dingjie League.

02. From Guart to Seri A: Messias with goals

At the age of 26, the transfer will join Jeri (the same Guys 33 games in 33 games).

At the age of 27, Messias turned from Gazano, and led the team to upgrade successfully, let yourself put on the battle of C.

After coming to Italy, the 20-year-old person is determined to drop, and finally has a different life from 25 years old.

In the 2019-20 season, Messias did not complete the "Jump" in the first time, and transferred to the Croato.

However, he will soon "make up the class", as the team's main force, his 34-game B league is 6 goals, contributes 6 assists, and become a team of Series.

In the 2020-21 season, 29-year-old Messias finally embarked on the Dream Series, became the top league player.

After a season, Messias handed over a 9-game transcript, although the team did not be able to keep it, he won wide praise.

Almost everyone mentioned Messias, will be full of personal abilities to his personal abilities: which is called Messi!

Not only the goal and assists, Mesias is still the second person of Deserve last season.

His assists appeared on the big scene of Dragoni, Rome and Naples, but also forgotten that he used to be a amateur player, only knew he was the thigh in the slogan of the team Cromo.

The AC Milan management team led by Martini quickly noticed him, the team wanted to find a front waist wheel in the summer window, so I extended the olive branch to the 30-year-old Brazilian.

In order to get him, AC Milan is not small, paying a rental fee of 2.6 million euros, and 5.4 million euros bought funds, and 1 million euros floating bonuses.

It is worth mentioning that the bonus of each winning ball this season is 2.8 million euros.

Because this time in the early hours of the morning is broken, Messias makes new eaves to rented costs in their own Champions League.

Martini and his team have discovered too many real gold in these years, and Messias has a chance to come upstairs at the age of 30.

03.30, Messias: He is not Messi, but kicked like Messi

Because the muscle strap in the season, the next second injury, Messias was in the Champions League, but his new season 3rd in the new season debuted.

Just 25 minutes, Messias gives a 3-time manufacturing foul, 2 feet, 1 transcript of killing goals.

Especially this lifting goal is really too exciting.

Messias, who took the ball in the midfield, gave rid of the person, and the teammates gave the side wings, followed by the prohibition area.

Cases sent to the middle road, and the Brazilians in Gao Qicheng took the ball into the net and made Ma Jingwei cry.

More importantly, Messias contributes not just into the ball. After this time, I took the teammates, and the Mesias came to the foot of Bacha, and the team was also extremely close to the goal.

The most unfortunately, this wave of attack, the Middle Road, Messias, sent a memorial to find Ib.

Although the referee has blown off, but the passing of Messias will also win the philambership of the Milan fans.

He is a typical Brazilian player, a strong personal ability, and the ball is also capable of fighting.

In the end of the game, he completed several times with Ibi, let people see the seedlings of the new AC Milan new kill.

The Mayssians who responded to Ibotou snippets can only choose to prevent him further.

When I talked to the goal after the game, Messias was very excited: "I want to cry! The moment I go to go, all the things you have experienced in my mind. This is the most beautiful night, but I hope I hope In the future, you can experience more this night. "

A 20-year-old young man reflects life after a car accident.

After coming to Italy, even if you can only move bricks and shipments, you still have to stop drinking, stay away from any party.

10 years of "hard repair", let him walk into the Champions League game from the construction site, interpret the 4 words of Messias in their own way.

Maybe today's more people see that he has become a player from delivery, but he will ignore the efforts and persistence of Messias in this process.

It is not so easy to succeed in life, and it is more than 10 years to make you more close to your goal.

30 years old will not be the end of Messias Green Career, perhaps the beginning of the next legendary story.