37 years old is still evolution!Zhanhuang officially transformed success, but it also proved how short it is the lake.

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37 years old is still evolution!Zhanhuang officially transformed success, but it also proved how short it is the lake.

2021-11-26 00:03:20 4 ℃

On November 25th, Beijing time, in a NBA regular season ended today, the Lakers defeated the pedestrians at 124-16 through the overtime, although the 5 Lakers in the eastern 5 Lake people continued, James was banned, and the eyebrows were low. The team will lose more, but it is always good to use a victory. It is like James that they have been injured. The team has not really completely playing together, so they still still There is hope that continues to get better.

Of course, this Lakers now look like the best teams, but they do have hope that in the second half of the season, the biggest reason, of course, from James. After the last season of the season, after being eliminated out, many people think that James is old, can't, but in this season, James returned with a new form of morphology. He reduced the past tank breakthrough, and began to transform into one High-efficiency jump pitcher.

This game, James has played 43 minutes, and the 29th shot was got 39 points and 5 rebounds. Dibrillation of 12 shots in 12 shots 5, the efficiency is very good. After the game, the Lakers Coach Woger also praised LeBron's performance and could not call.

Talking about James's three-tiered technology in the last few years, Woger said: "This is amazing. He can adjust the game skills in the late career, this is impressive. Of course, MJ (Michael Jordan) and Kobe (Bryant) has practiced the back of the defender, - By the way, LeBron also has this technology - but he can adapt to the modern NBA basketball, and practicing himself into a high-yield and efficient three. Pitcher, this is one of the kinds of things that you have to think about LeBron, you will be amazed at him to do this. Because in his early career, it is not one of his games. "

Woger said that there is no mistake. In the later stage of career, in order to make up for the shortcomings of physical fitness, it is the best way to practice more stable projections. Just like Jordan and Kobe, Jordan. Way. After coming to the Lakers, James became more and more performance in three-point lines, he was even a three-point projection last season, whether it is quality or efficiency, raising a new level, fans They even called him in the meat dress. In this season, James' evolution is still going on!

Last season, James rushed to throw 2.3 three points with 36.5% of the efficiency, and this season can be thrown into 2.9 in 36.6%, and the number of outlets and production outside the three-point line is the highest. It can even be said that now three-point projection has become his conventional skill package, and there will never happen in the triple line. Obviously, in the age of 37, James completed the perfect evolution through his own efforts, which also made people more expecting him to come down this season.

Of course, from the other hand, James's evolution is forced to have helplessly, because the Lakers who review these years, although they have known a large number of three-point shooters, it is really not much. In the 18th season, the Lakers' management found a bunch of organizers, but shooters did not reliably. 19-20 season, Green, Pop and other people's projections are inseparable, especially Green Time to pull, leading to James and Davis to be more than three points. The 20-21 season is more outrageous, and the Lakers' management is sent to Danny Green, the team's shooter is less, and there is a Pop in the spectrum.

At this season, the Lakers also have Elington, Bezmore, Monk, Anthony and other shooters, but only Anthony and Monk are only able to live in the first lineup, but Shande, Bradley It is not possible, and the eyebrows shot a mess in this season. Forcing James only becomes a 3D player. In this respect, the resilience of the lake management these years, especially for the operation of the 3D player, is really bad.