Exposure is expelled female fans curse Bronil!Why don't the Zhanhuang do not do?2 main reason is

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Exposure is expelled female fans curse Bronil!Why don't the Zhanhuang do not do?2 main reason is

2021-11-26 00:03:11 5 ℃

Beijing time on November 25, today at the end of an NBA regular season, the Lakers beat the Indiana Pacers 124 to 116, a victory would have been enough for the Lakers delighted at this stage, but the game has given rise to unpleasant scene, when the end of two and a half left in overtime, James reported after the end of the first attack to the referee, courtside fans have inappropriate behavior, followed by security personnel requested the fans to leave.

It after the game was immediately rushed hot search hot fans, even though the news that is because the fans touched James James was only reported, but subsequent news has indicated that fans could have done more things too much in an interview after the game, James did not elaborate on what the fans say or do something, but called "cross-border dirty gestures and speech."

James said: "I did not feel any discomfort but that the main team and cheer for the opponents brought boos, the opponent does not want to lay things like game are different, then at some time in the cross-border acts of. there was obscene speech and manners of our race must not be tolerated, no matter who you are. I would never say those words to a fan, fans should never say those words to a player. so, That's it."

Subsequently, a site named Johnathan Davenport spectators fans on social media, said the female fans curse James's eldest son was killed in a traffic accident, abuse brownies, security has to stop once or twice, but to no avail.

If that really Johnathan Davenport said, then James's behavior can be understood, to know that James has always attached great importance to their own families, small lack of fatherly love him, after becoming a father he had repeatedly said he must do a good father, to give their children the best protection and greatest love, but now there are people in front of James' face brownie curse his children die, any such behavior into a father are intolerable, James let alone such immense importance to the family of man.

More intolerable is that so many fans, this female fan was ejected when, still pretending to look innocent wronged look, while wiping tears of disappointment and put action, and now it seems more like a in a further mockery of James, many fans have said that life is larger than basketball, even if James does not like, do not curse the people should go to the family.

On the other hand, the way James handled in this event is really admirable, after being insulted, James is still very calm but please put the security of thousands of fans ejected and did not turn around and spray each other, James describes the overall situation on the one hand, such a thing is not to affect the team and the game.

In addition, James has said, there are a lot of kids look at their own game in front of the TV scene and he hopes they can set a good example to the children, the court is not the place to vent violence. Previously, James Stewart and because the conflict was suspended, after some people said James play dirty, but then there are a lot of NBA players and pupils all have to stand up behind James, James represents not play a dirty player, and praised James on the pitch he is always very calm, very gracious.

Words that do not leave, recalling James's career, he has suffered in the game the evil committed, they are often drew blood, was also a lot of fans insulting and provocative, such as the 2012 Eastern Conference semifinals, he Taifashenwei in G6 after helping the Heat beat the Celtics, when the players entered the channel, there are fans angrily put a drink down on him, but James is not angry hands, he always remembered that stadium court, not the use of violence to children do bad example.