Super focus plummeted!Zhu Ting Zhang Changning is absent, unveiling of the sun, and the new regulations

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Super focus plummeted!Zhu Ting Zhang Changning is absent, unveiling of the sun, and the new regulations

2021-11-26 00:02:58 13 ℃

On November 25th, the new season was unveiled. There was a big cold door in the first day. As a Jiangsu women's volleyball team in the last female row of race, gave Liaoning women's volleyball team, of course, Liaoning's strength is also very strong, but Cai Bin guided the Jiangsu women's volleyball team to sweep, or unexpectedly unexpectedly. Zhejiang women's volleyball team 3-0 swept Hebei women's volleyball team, 17-year-old deputy star Zeng Jie Jie won 11 points, showing stunning. Shenzhen women's volleyball teams and Fujian women's volleyball teams also won the victory and achieved the opening of the new season.

Over the new season can be said to be unveiled in low-key, the attention of the outside world plummeted, part of this is because the lack of superstars. Zhang Changning issued a document today, and she was in the past, she had been suffering from her knee injury, and now has surgery. Zhu Ting will also do surgery, she is a wrist injury. It can be said that the two major Chinese women's volleyballs are absent. For the impact of the exception, it is not only the core of our respective teams, but also the most influential players, after they have. Jiangsu women's volleyball team and the strength of the Tianjin have decline.

At the same time, the provisions of the superior are also a failure, because before the start of the row, the regulations of the collation issued, each team can only have a foreign aid, and only 4 foreign aids this season, also There is only 2 foreign aids in the Shanghai women, the US captain Ralsen and the Korean team of Changjin soft scenery, so this rule that the proposal is only effective for the Shanghai women's volleyball. Other two foreign aids are Boscovic, where the Tianjin women's volleyball team is effective, and the two teams are not affected by this provision because there is only one foreign aid.

This also allows Jin Soft to join hands to Larsen, becoming a luxury, if the two people teamed up, the attention of the outside world will be improved, after all, the popularity of Jin Shiliang is still very high in the country, she is also Zhu Ting's idol. Larson doesn't have to say more. This year, the biggest hero of the US women's platoon is a gold medal, the captain is also the most valuable player, strength and famous arrogance. Therefore, this provision makes the Shanghai women's volleyball team there is no way to have two major super supercoming games, whether it is the game or the influence.

Plus the season of this season, there is no audience to enter the field. The whole process is in Guangdong Jiangmen. At the beginning of next year, the schedule is also short, only the group, semi-finals, and finals, there is no previous rematch. So the point is indeed a lot.

This series of reasons makes the focus of exceeding the focus, because the signs' injury and the provisions of the discharge condiction make the strength of each team, it is really regrettable.