James excitedly dances the big egg dance, the alliance or 25,000 fines, Wei Shao

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James excitedly dances the big egg dance, the alliance or 25,000 fines, Wei Shao

2021-11-26 00:03:34 17 ℃

Today, the Lakers and Pacers' games, James, who excitedly jumped out after the end of the last day, and the act of tricking. At that time, this action did not attract the attention of fans and referees, but after the game The famous Basketball Reporter Shams said that the alliance has begun to pay attention to such things and will begin to see the video and may have a fine of $ 25,000.

The initial inventor of this action is a fragment in a film in the United States, and then the NBA's Russel is the first, then Badler and Brath have been used, but they have been led by the league. Because this movement in the league seems to be insulting the opposite player, I am afraid it will cause conflicts, so the alliance will prohibit the players from making this action.

Kobe has also used this action many times, but it is strange that the alliance has not fined him. This action also became a personal patent of Kobe at the time. He often jumped up after hitting the key ball. The arrogant dance step, and James is now apparent to the Lakers to pay tribute to the team.

James has just been fined $ 280,000 because the elbow Squrt's face is fined $ 280,000, but now I will face a fines in a fines now. However, James, which is rough, is of course, I don't feel bad because I have a small amount of money. The game has been pulled out of the difference. The last season is not easy to use three-pointers to pull six points. James also uses this illegal celebration. It's imposed on him, but Wei Shao said if the league wants to fine, then he is willing to pay for LeBron, it seems that the two are a good brother.