Zhang Chang Ning Hao reports safe!Calmly can't hurt, fans care: When Zhu Ting is surgery?

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Zhang Chang Ning Hao reports safe!Calmly can't hurt, fans care: When Zhu Ting is surgery?

2021-11-26 00:03:05 4 ℃

On November 25th, Chinese women's excitement homework immediately through social media issued dynamics, saying that he completed knee surgery today, the operation was successful, and then the next is to prepare a long recovery process. Zhang Changning's injuries have been more serious. Her lover Wu Guanxi also said Zhang Changning in the treatment of her knees, now Zhang Changning has surgery, and there is no longer league.

Zhang Changning is also forced to have no surgery. When I received an interview, Zhang Changning cited the injury of the knee this year. After Italy participated in the World Association, she didn't feel the best state, but because of a series of series There is no way to treat, so there is no way to treat it. After the late Zhang Changning, Zhang Changning fought the Olympic Games and the National Games. The Olympic Games did not enter the Eight, and the National Games won the second place, gain a gold medal. After the Zhang Changning ended the competition, he decided to completely treat his own knees.

It is also very successful in Zhang Changning's surgery, which is a good thing for everyone. Of course, for professional players, the problem is not big, the most important is the long recovery period and the restore body and competitive state, this is the hardest.

In addition to Zhang Changning, there is also a surgery this year, Zhu Ting, Zhu Ting has clearly expressed his surgery when he is interviewed, but it has not been determined. As of now, there is still no news that Zhu Ting surgery. The position of this Chinese female queue is a wrist. It has already plagued Zhu Ting for many years and directly affects the overall performance of Chinese women's volleyball. In addition to the serious injury, according to Lang Ping, Zhu Ting's wrist has no treatment method other than surgery.

There are also a lot of fans who care about Zhu Ting. After all, I will catch the treatment as soon as possible after the Olympics and the National Games, and then strive to catch up soon, strive to catch up with the World Championships or Asian Games next year, especially the Asian Games, China The women's mouth is fighting, and the expectation value of the outside world is still very high. However, as far as, Zhu Ting revealed that his surgical recovery time is half a year, whether it can catch up with the Intercontinental Competition of the Chinese women's volleyball team, it is really an unknown.

Of course, these athletes are more still to take care of their bodies. After all, the body is the capital of the revolution. Especially after the Chinese women's volcaries have been returning after the Olympics, they hope to rise again through the competition, and I hope that Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning will be good luck.