Love game media starting information: Delong's high salary, let Manchester City give up

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Love game media starting information: Delong's high salary, let Manchester City give up

2021-11-26 06:05:18 18 ℃

Delong's salary is really high, 20 million yuan before tax is not included in the floating bonus. After talking directly, it is 10 million +6 million after tax. The floating 6 million miles have 2 million components that are easier to get, probably how many more than a few games appear, and other champions are hooked. Delong was a big Paris, and the big Paris gave a high salary as a grabbed, and the wealth is rough. Paris is impossible to only give only 7 million taxes. Later, Drecht transfer, how many of the wages of Delong, Delhi, the second high salary, Juventus is also bloody.

The fan does not need too much to tangle the salary of the player. Anyway, it is not a fan, the boss just thinks the value, given up, that is the team boss. The bishop practicing megara no matter the salary, he only wants the player he wants. In addition, Manchester City does not have problems with wages, and because of the issue of FFP in Chaman, Manchester City, withdraws the quotation at the time, withdraws from competition. At first, Manchester City was close to Delong. Rodri took 6 million or even higher, Delong took 10 million + no problem. Also, if Detone is really coming to Manchester City, Rodri will be replaced in an instant, and the melon will give Delong kicked the 4th, and Rodri is the alternative to Delong, Guadiola is like this attitude .

The media is not likely to include floating bonuses, and the floating part is listed separately. Direcht's salary also has a floating part. It is public, calculated that Drecht is higher, but his floating part is not so easy. The Spanish media has long reported that Delong's salary is the first echelon in Barcelona. Professionals know the value of Dral, and millions of tax payments will not grab Durdy at the time. 19 years Mancheng fans believe that Delong transfer will be 50 million is the limit, it is a high look, only people who really understand is not close to 100 million, I can't buy Delong at all.