Is it not compatible with Lao Zhan?Before James completed, he was 23 points, and James was repeated, and he was 4 points.

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Is it not compatible with Lao Zhan?Before James completed, he was 23 points, and James was repeated, and he was 4 points.

2021-11-26 06:05:09 6 ℃

Although I won the walker! But the current Lakers are still a lot of problems. Now this lineup is unable to hit the championship, and the Lakers are too much.

Is it not compatible with Lao Zhan? Before James completed, he was 23 points, and James was repeated, and he was 4 points.

Take a look at this gods this season, 7 games, the game is 31 minutes, 12.6 points 5.1 plate 2.6 assists, shooting in the hit rate of 36.4%, three-point hits 29.6%, averaging 1.1 three points.

This god is Xiaotak, come and see this picture below, this season's small Tak, really can't understand.

On behalf of the Lakers, the Lakers were played, and the first three battlefields were 23 points and 7 plates 2 assists, and the shot hit rate was 49%, and the three-point hit rate was 40%, and the average was 2.7 three-pointers.

After the four battlefields were 4.5 points 3.5 sheets 3 assists, with 18.9% in the shooting rate, three ht rates 0. From the paradise to hell, why do you like this, maybe it is related to one person.

James, because Xiao Tak's downturn is from James. Why did the Lao Tak state have a natural day before and after returning? The reason may be three.

First, the number of shots

The return of Lao Zhan, let Xiao Tak's shot from the field, declined by 9 times, decreased almost half, the number of shots decline, but why is the hit rate decline?

Second, play

Xiao Tak returned 7 games, 6 of which were started, only one replacement, although small Tarck has three points, but three points are really not allowed, 28% of the three-point hits last season, this season three-point hit rate 29 %,

Therefore, when Xiao Tak, James, Wei Shao, Davis is at the same time, the Lakers' offensive space is really a big problem. This season is the same as James and Xiaodu at the same time, the field is positive and negative - 6.7, ranking in the team The countdown first. This is the naked reality. Look at James and Xiaoda, this is awkward.

Third, pressure

Before the old arrivals, Xiatu was not hesitant to the scene, which is a basket of rushing, very confident. But after Lao Zhan returned, and Lao Tan was present, Xiao Tak will certainly hesitate.

Which this ball will be given? Or do you play it yourself? One hesitation, I haven't confident, this is too normal. Even if James stops, Xiaodu has not come out from this heart.

Of course, this is not the problem of Lao Zhan, this is a young Tark, a stage that must be experienced, this looks easy, it is too difficult. Xiaoda is now in the situation, has to attract another problem.

Xiao Tak should not be sent away by the Lakers. Some people think that the Lakers should not trade small Tak, some people think that the Lakers should send Xiao Tak, think that there is three reasons why the trading is small.

First, young vitality

Now the Lakers, all the old people in the 30-year-old, the Lakers need small Tucks' young and vitality.

Second, the future potential

Xiao Tak is like a piece of jade, letting Xiao Tak, the future Lakers, very generally regretted.

Third, root seedling red

After sending the Kuzma, the Lakers players rooted by the seedlings were small Tak. And thinking that the Lakers should trade small Tak, there are three.

First, not compatible

The Lakers' three giants need a three-point shooter, not a player like a small Tuck.

Second, the future and the current

Xiao Tak will be very good, but the Lakers want the next day, the Lakers will break the boat last season, and they have sent more than half of the teams, they must hit the championship, the Lakers can't wait for the growth of small Tak.

Third, chips

Little Tuck 3 years 3078 contract, coupled with 21-year-old age, as a transaction chip, it is too suitable. Looking at the people of the Lakers, the three giants can't move, the rest are not a basic salary, that is, 5 million mizo, Xiao Tak is the only one, which can help the Lakers exchange for war.

Friends, the Lakers should the trading small Tuck? If the transaction is small Tac, which star do you want to change? Give me a message to discuss it.