The trainer reveals the shortcomings of Boiron, because of the improvement of the Jurguli Lillera

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The trainer reveals the shortcomings of Boiron, because of the improvement of the Jurguli Lillera

2021-11-26 06:05:29 11 ℃

The trainer reveals the shortcomings of the Bunlo to improve the Turki Billeirade technology.

This season, Taylor Hero's progress has been obvious, and his improvement, from the hard training period, the past, Taylor-Hiro refines his technology, he will kutin, Bill, Thompson , Lillad et al. Skills into themselves.

Taylor Hero knows that he can become an influential player, he just needs time to enhance his own competition level. Last year's snapshots were too short. In the summer, Herodi finally had time to hone their skills. He trained three times a day. The muscles increased by 10 pounds. He wanted to become faster, smart, becoming more Efficient.

At least, Hiro's training has appeared, and now he has become the best sixth year in the season, and the popular people in the year. This season, Hirosa, can be 22.1 points, and the hit rate has reached 46.5%. It is 15.1 points in the last season, and it has been significantly increased compared to 43.9% of shooting. Today, Henry has become the second scorer after the Heat Badler, the team is currently 12 wins and 6 losses, ranking the second position in the eastern part.

After a disappointment season, Hiro took a lot of time to improve his shooting. At the end of the season, Henry began to train with Dru-Han, after training, Handarn gave Hiro a video, recorded all of Hero. For example, his shooting is released, for example, his follow-up movement is not complete enough.

These things make Hiro's attention, he began to look at more video, the whole summer, he watched Bradley-Bill, Stephen-Cu, Clay-Thompson, Damian-Lillad Lei-Yang's shooting score, study their movement and shooting position. Then, the Giron will strive to integrate the parts of these stars, integrate into themselves.

Hero is a perfectionist. He will try every action over and over again, until the body forms a habit reaction, sometimes he will even make a move to 1 for 1,500 times. "Sometimes, we will practice the same exercises in one and a half hours, because he felt that he did not make perfect," said the trainer Han said.

In addition, Hiro made some physical improvements, let himself have explosive, in order to increase their weight, he will eat five meals a day, but Henry does not want to lose agility, and the coach helps him here. The balance was found during the period. "I feel that I am stronger, this is sure, but I don't think I am slow, I feel that I am faster," Hiro said.

The brilliance of the Girona is in Los Angeles. Usually Hanren will go to Tunbar in the first morning, Hiro asked Han, he could go to the training, so he can go to this Wizard. Whole star learning.

"I think this is really cool, because he can put down the body, let go," Han Lun said. "I think many people will not be humble in the training of the same age, but Herody said, 'Do you know,' He wants to become the kind of good version, so I may wish as possible from him as much as possible. Steak people something. "