The official response is coming!Snooker superstar degraded China's teenager ,ys: He is a "big XX"

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The official response is coming!Snooker superstar degraded China's teenager ,ys: He is a "big XX"

2021-11-26 06:05:09 4 ℃

Recently, the Snooker British Championships can be described as highly concerned, but the focus of the outside world is not a wonderful performance of the players in the field, but a big SSR's unprecedented. Speech.

In the first round of the Britain Championship, the world champion Xiao En Murphy made a Chinese new generation of young people, almost everyone predicted that this is a downside, but the results of the victory are unexpected.

Ski Hui took the lead in the game in 5: 1 to arrive at the game, but Murphy then won the four games to drag the competition into the winning bureau, and Murphy, Murphy, in the finals, losing the key ball when you are about to win the key. Jiahui once again holds the stress and thrilling.

Although the game is more thrilling, there is no doubt that the teachings are not killed in the confrontation of the top players. The fans also expressed their appreciation after the game, but the loser Sean Murphy is obviously not so. think.

Because Ski Hui did not win the qualification qualification this season, the Britain Championship was also the quota that was previously obtained by Q School's comprehensive score. Therefore, Murphy is in the game, and thinks that Ski Hui is not qualified as a housing. In the competition, the competition made him feel unfair.

After Melmy, I didn't know why there would be a housing in the British Championships, and I lost a player who was qualified for a career made me feel very unfair.

Our professional players are living in the competition bonus, but their amateur does not have such a winning pressure at all. They can have no counseling in the game, there is no big deal, but we are different, I can't accept amateurs in the career stadium.

After Murphy's speech broke out, it immediately caused an uproar, not only the domestic fans felt anger, even the British native fans also lost in Delphy, but more fans didn't say that Shawn Murphy is a "Big XX" in the ensemble.

It was not stood up to the beginning to the beginning to the end, and there was a Chinese player's quality and cultivation. Although this Syens Jiahui did not get professional qualifications, this season will play During the competition, Dort, Steven, Murphy, the three contest, the performance of the championship, the performance is very eye-catching.

After Murphy's improper remarks, the seriousness of the event is also continuously fermented, and Snooke officially responded to this matter in many fans, and strongly demonstrates that Ski Hui is completely eligible to appear in the game.

Snooke officially issued a statement: First, Murphy can express their personal opinions and opinions, but we can't expose agreement. Amateur players are also essential for Snooke's development, don't forget you (refer to Mercure) It is also from the qualifications step by step, and you have also beneficiaries.

Although there are many amateur players like Schki, but they are also worthy of respect, they have a huge pressure like other players, and we must support them. And, Skahui is completely eligible to appear in the game.

Through the official response, it can also be seen to pay attention to this matter, because Murphy's remarks are no longer aimed at Ski Hui, but also to the current players who have not yet received professional qualifications.

Murphy is a Grand Slam Protion. This time, it is possible to lose the game and then loses the character. I believe that the heart is so dark player will not have a difference in the next career.