Three major laws and regression, the Taishan team double crown prospects worry, Luo Guofu Lu Lu can trigger conjecture

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Three major laws and regression, the Taishan team double crown prospects worry, Luo Guofu Lu Lu can trigger conjecture

2021-11-26 06:05:40 8 ℃

Shandong Taishan team is currently preparing for the Super League opened on the next 12th. In addition to the five countries need to isolate the team, the team is currently a relatively complete, and several wounded numbs are restored, and there is no problem in the second phase of the competition. In the case of a crisis in China, the Taishan team has a lot of clearing in China's football. Their Football Association has been in the final four consecutive years, and the Super League is the top leader, which can be said that the performance of this season. Perfect. For them, the Super Championship has been waiting for ten years, and the last double crown is also over 15 years.

According to the overall strength and stability of the Taishan team, they are all the most powerful compensants of the double crown, as long as there is no external factor interference, other teams cannot give them substantive threats. However, the club and fans the most headache thing happened, just in the Chinese Football Association announced that seven international referees such as Maining, Fu Ming, Shen Zhaohao, etc., to the next Football Association Finals and Super League. These referees just mentioned, I believe that I don't have to describe it, the Taishan team is too much to eat in them. The Football Association recalled the "Three Major Methods", and Taishan team competed for double crowning prospects. Of course, the iron still needs itself. For the sake of honor, in order to wait for 10 years of fans, in order to retake the Chinese football dominant position, Taishan team fights once!

Of course, no matter who the last champion belongs, after getting the AFC license, the Taishan team will participate in the next season of the AFCL. Then the team will be reinforced in the individual position. There is a news that the Taishan team has put an intrinsic objective in the Asian stadium, which will introduce a high middle front like Pera. And the choice of Guangzhou team originating players, the Taishan team did not clarify their own attitude. And Xiaobian believes that the club can consider the old rushes Luo Guo Fu, his hard work and the reading of the game will help the team, as long as he is willing to reduce the annual salary, the Taishan team can still accept. Today, Luo Guofu has a photo wearing a Luneng jersey. Will this show the signal of the old people?