The Cascus is the key to the last 76 people win the game.

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The Cascus is the key to the last 76 people win the game.

2021-11-26 06:05:31 7 ℃

So far this season, the Philadelphia 76 team has already spent a storm in the case of NBA All-Star Ben Simmus. Before losing Joel Embiid, they started at 8-2, and the latter's COVID-19 was positive.

The team lost the top five games in the absence of Enshide, but won two games in the last three games. He will return to lineup soon, which will bring urgent driving force to the team. Without him, the team has been receiving the contribution to many players, one of which is the Sesscus.

Curry is open in the 2020-21 season. So far, he has participated in 16 games, and each game is the first. His fields have been the highest at 15.4 points of career, because the 76 people needed him to become a larger part of the puzzle in the case of the Simmons.

He is still one of the most killed shooters in the alliance. His three-pointer-hit rate reached 43.5%. Although this is lower than his career's three-pointer, it is still one of the best data in the alliance.

In order to help offset this, the Curre has strengthened his two points. The two-hit hit rate in Curry reached a maximum of 56.5% of his career.

When receiving HoopShype interviews recently, the Curre talked about his 31-year-old breakthrough season. Make his attack diversification is the secret behind the success.

"I think I am a very comprehensive player. I can catch the ball and shoot, stretch the venue, and the player game like Joel and this. When those guys are not there, I think I can do it. Mr. I. The middle distance attack is quite good. I just be proud to do a lot of different things in the offensive end. "

As the lineup is changing, the library can do a lot of differences on the court. As a shot and score hands, he is best at no ball, but if the situation needs, he is a powerful controller and organizer.

The Cascus is a key ring in the Philadelphia 76 people's offensive program because he has the ability to kick out space, but he has the ability to do more. Most players caught in this stage in their careers, but Curry continued to develop and enhance his competition, helping 76 people win basketball games.

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