What did Messi bring?10 goals in 10 goals, Natri-entering, activated Mbpe?

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What did Messi bring?10 goals in 10 goals, Natri-entering, activated Mbpe?

2021-11-26 06:05:42 25 ℃

The fifth round of the Champions League, Manta's home hall, and the trident work in hand, still failed to help the law's giants won the game. After the first half, the second half was reversed against the opposite, the passengers were lost. Although this game still does not delay the outline of Big Paris and Manchester City, the problem reflected in the game is still able to see a lot of problems in Big Paris. If these issues cannot be solved, the luxury lineup of Big Paris is difficult to make a difference in this season, let alone win.

From the process of competition, Manchester City still occupies the advantages of the game, whether it is a ballistic or shooting, is it. If it is not the lack of Manchester City, they can open the big Paris goal in the first half. After the second half of the festival, Manchester City quickly seized the opportunity, and scored 2 goals. . When Big Paris is in the face of Manchester City, although it still ranks a valid counterattack, the backfield player has a long-term defense, wasting a lot of physical strength, eventually leading to the game.

Big Paris is in the face of Manchester City. It is still prepared to defense. Most of the time is the counterattack of the front field trident, and the other seven people are stable in the backstower, but even if so, they still have not been successful. Very extent because the trident is limited in the defensive process. In the game, although the Big Paris Trident also returned to the backfield, it didn't mean that they did not have efforts in the defense, they took the participation in the defensiveness in the defense. Mbpe's contribution is a little higher in defense.

From the current lineup, Big Paris wants to make more changes in the level of Manchester City, the most important thing is that the team all participates in the defensive, otherwise it will give Manchester City. The player's large space breaks through the overall defense of Big Paris. But from this game, the big Paris trident seems to still lack a defensive consciousness, and this difference also makes them can't defeat Manchester City like their home court. At the beginning of the game, NeMal returned to the team in the back of the team to participate in defense, so that the latter defense line of Big Paris has increased more passages.

Messi's arrival did make big Paris gained great improvements in paper, but this upgrade requires more time to mill the team, but also some players make sacrifices, Mbpe is impossible, they It is necessary to fight against Mbpe, and Messi's retreat may not be great, then only sacrificed Ningmab, let Brazilians return to the midfield to participate in the team's defense. While sacrificing the strength of Nemar at the offensive end of Nina, it is possible to get more improvements in the overall attack and defense conversion.

Since Messi Join this season, it has not given a qualitative change in the offensive end. It is a large extent because Big Paris does not really run together to become a whole, still a situation. Such rhythm may not have any problems in the league, but for the team like Big Paris, they are not so important in the league, and they want to be active on the Championships. And I want to do this, the trident must participate in the defensive, the worst result is that Nemaar returns to the midfield.