Dong Road and Li Tie have begun to cut:

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Dong Road and Li Tie have begun to cut:

2021-11-28 12:05:37 45 ℃

Li Tie's situation has gradually, in turn, has been full of Li Tie, so it is called the media people in the "railway combination", which is disclosed in this time. "Li Tie is due to violation Lesson, that is, it is self-sufficient "- Obviously, the Dong Lu is a little bit of seeing the rudder, and it is necessary to do with Li Tie?

On November 27, Dong Road said in his personal social media: "There is a message to disclose: Li Tie 99% less."

"If the get out of class is based on the band team score, the player is used, the troops, and the command, I think 'too harsh'";

"If the get out of class is because of the words of the 32-minute conference, I thought it was a" desire to add sin '";

"If it is because Weibo releases advertising, violates relevant management regulations, I thought it was Li Tie 'to pay attention."

"- These views have been clearly referred to in previous member live broadcasts. In fact, everything is going to start from a naturalized player called 'Luo Guofei'.

A prophecy"


There is a fan comment called "Mingda 1015" said: "White, or you give iron brother" ", Dong Ge. "

Dong Lu replied: "Haha, in fact, Luo Guo Fu (harm)".


Dong Road as a football media person, he has also attracted a good child in the past two years, organized a "football teenager" training, which claimed to be "invincible in the world", in China and foreign countries have not yet Transporting ball - this also really allows the Dong Road that claims to "do not bring card", has won a lot of names that contribute to football.

Of course, Dong Lu also uses the football teenager's reputation, and has obtained a lot of football circles, so it has got a lot of sponsors - including Wu Lei, also donated 50,000 yuan, and Dong Road can become a 12th season. It can be a rare media resource for private chat with Li Tie.

At the same time, Dong Lu has harvested traffic, and the famous arrivals rose, and its online sells ramen, the charging live broadcast, etc., it is also full of money.

Of course, these are also normal, but when Dong Road begins to issue "Luo Guofu and so on can only kick 20 minutes, the originating player should not be started together; Li Tie should not bring Shang Luo Guofeng", "and Dong Lu Express Li Tie must After supporting the tendency, the fans are also criticized with media people.

Since then, Dong Lu will pull the views from different persons, and insult them are "sphere blind and diode". In some live broadcasts, Dong Road is exported into "dirty", put fans and including Zhan Jun, Zhang Road, Huang Jianxiang , Li Wei, Pan Weili and other media people, they all gave sprayed bodies and had a lot of uncivilized languages, which clearly followed the image of the public figures of Dong Road.

In order to support Li Tie, Joiet, the direct room of a media person, Zhao Zhen, who has been connected to the media, but he is almost finished to Zhao Zhen - so let Zhao Zhen become famous. !

The concept of the secret of Dong Lu himself in the debate, with a full-class logic, the wrong loopholes, and the self-proclaimed "Chinese people's most common people, all of them are garbage", etc. Since then become gray face, unrest it.

As for the "conspiracy theory" of Dong Road, the "conspiracy" - ie fans guess: Dong Road basically does not criticize local players and Li Tie, is because he played football teenager, to handle the residents in the football circle Ok, in order to achieve the interest of its football teenage, this also contacted the directory of many football people, and he can contact Li Tie Dynasties during the preliminaries. Bar?

Although this kind of guess is difficult to confirm, the "swearing to defend Li Tie" before the "swearing to death, Li Tie" is indeed, and so far, it is clear that the Dong Road is still trying to "defend Li Tie" when Li Tie is likely to be in get out of class. ", Do you have these statements of Dong Road?

First, Li Tie is under the get out of class, the use of people, leading the commands and competition results, but it is not "too serious" - the national football competition is not too half, and it is basically eliminated. A four years The work of the World Cup is also impacting the soup, and it is normal.

In the 12th game, Li Tie commanded 6 games, almost a variation of a formation, even, the second half is different; its employers continue to change, especially after the two games under public opinion Letter to use the originator, but also the most illness on the use of people; and Li Tie's lack of people, it is also very obvious - so from the process, content and results of the game, Li Tie is difficult Successful, so there is no less than a matter of course.

Like Syria, Iraqi team has been unhappy, has been exchanged, and there is no went out of the national football, don't you normal?

Second, Dong Lu said that if Li Tie is based on the 32-minute conference, it is "the crime of" wants to add "- in fact, as a national team coach, so with personal emotions release discomfort, in any national team It is difficult to be allowed!

Like Li Tie's media "no bra"; actually said "Alan wants to return to Brazil, what can I do?

The immature expression of Li Tie is in this way with the public, which makes the national team and the Football Association impaired, so becoming the course, it is inevitable.

Third, Dong Road about Li Tie on the second day of the game, the illegal release and the national team endorsement is a competitive advertisement, and it is said that the language of the quotation mark is said: "It is self-taken". This or because Li Tie is really a mistake, like Ningze Tao in the year, is also a contradiction between the endorsement of the national swimming team, and has to leave the team and retire, Dong Road knows this one. He is not satisfied with Li Tie in any case.

Of course, Dong Lu said, it is also in Li Tie, 99% of Li Tie, is equal to the "post-road" to himself - in someone who criticizes him only support Li Tie, Dong Lu can also say, I said Li Tie's violation The advertisement is "self-acquisition", so, Li Tie that will become "negative resource" in invisible, and it will have a cutting effect.

Its four, and the most mysterious words of Dong Road, Li Tie's get out of class is "starting in Luo Guofu".

This words are deeply well: because Li Tie is the most fans, it is for the use of non-blood reducing players, but the directive or pointed out: about the dispute of the naturalization policy and the player, is Li Deep reasonable reason for the undergraduate course.

If this is, it proves that the use of the use of the placement player does exist.

However, I just want to ask: Since the naturalization policy has been implemented, I spent hundreds of millions of money, why can't you use and use it? Where is Li Tie or Dong Lu? It's really like "conspiracy theory": I am afraid of affecting the future of Dongjiang's youth, afraid of affecting the fundamental interests of local players?

But I have to say that although I have just been killed by Zhao Zhen, I sincerely "Chinese football first understand the Emperor, the first mouth of the football" is still the current Chinese football rivers and lakes. "One brother" with the interests, he can chat with Li Tie during the 12th game, and can still put a stick in the right time when people want to fall water, and Dong Lu is still ignored, no one Can! [Original Review: Yoguo said that it is still]