Dejia - Hallant replacement replenishment melon breakdown 3-1 reverse Wolf

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Dejia - Hallant replacement replenishment melon breakdown 3-1 reverse Wolf

2021-11-28 12:05:26 41 ℃

Live Bar November 27th, Beijing time November 27, 22:30, the 13th round of the German Football Grand League challenged Wolfsburg game. In the first half, Wei Ghoster flashed, Emre-Zhan point shot. Half the battle, 1-1 Dot of Wolf. In the second half, Malan telematches the best scores, and Hallant replaces the debut. Finally, Dott Girl 3-1 Wolf.

The first 12 rounds of the first 12 rounds of Wolf wolf in front of the game were divided into sixth, while the first 12 rounds of 3 wins and 3 remembers were separated in 27. In terms of lineup, Wolf Mao, the old man, Guivui, is in the rear, the Dutch National Footwag Hoster single arrow. Dottters, Hu Mels is sitting in the town, Ma Rong, the first, Hallant replaces the life.

As the main referee sounds, the first half of the game starts, the 1st minute, the left corner of the Tort, the left door is on the restricted area, and the door will be confiscated.

2nd minute, Wolf Fort! The Wolf Fort counterattacks the front of the Right Road Baku to the front of Luke Bagio, and the Weag Hoste chest hits the ball in the chest. Wolf Fort 1-0 Dort. ↓

Let's take a look at the ball ↓

In the 8th minute, Wolfsburg frontline positioned ball, and the Royce header gained into his own goal.

In the 12th minute, Dort Flights cooperated, Muniya right is given to the latter of the arc to do the wall to give the front to the front, and the long shot is slightly off. ↓

In the 16th minute, Malan's front ranking roller ball was released from the defensive player, and the long shot was too uncomfortable. ↓

In the 17th minute, Brooz left passed to Weiaghoste in front of the penalty area, and the latter turned the ball and turned to do it is too confiscated by Kibel. ↓

In the 18th minute, Luke Bagio right road unattended anti-belt straight to the small angle of the restricted area, was confiscated by Kibel. ↓

In the 20th minute, Luke Bagio right passed into the restricted area Neggoste high jumped without topped by Kibel. ↓

In the 25th minute, Luke Bagio was alert in the backfinder handball to block Brants. Then Royce is slightly higher than that. In the 30th minute, Dotcherz left district accepted the inhibited area in the penalty area, and Hud Hao was confiscated.

In the 32nd minute, Dort get a dotted opportunity! Royce left the ball over Raclva to the remaining area. The latter directly shovelned the main referee directly sentenced the penalty.

In the 34th minute, Emre-Zhan's main penalty clicks were swindled to Peline! Wolf is 1-1 Dot. ↓

Let's take a look at the ball ↓

In the 37th minute, Enmega counterped into Blante was warned by the yellow card. In the 42nd minute, Arnold ruled to warn the Roiness tactical foul.

2 minutes in the first half, 1-1 of Wolf cameon.

The second half is prone to fight again. In the 48th minute, Malan hit the ball on the left side of the penalty to defend the team, Shurtz, the door, was hit by the door, and hit it on the column. ↓

In the 52nd minute, the Wolf strikes to take a few steps in Franks to take a few steps from Kobe. ↓

In the 55th minute, Dotter exceeded the score! Ma Lun's left area left the ball after taking the ball and then stepped away from the ball. Diantou 2-1 Wolf. ↓

Let's take a look at the ball ↓

In the 60th minute, Wolf defended Wei Gugstone, the elbow was blown by the referee. Subsequently, Wolf Fort is right to locate the opportunity. In the 61st minute, Dottters changed, Wolf was replaced by Karsev. The Wolf Fort, Roussi is replaced by Waldez Mite, Otavio replaces Enmega.

In the 67th minute, Luke Bagio right continuously broke through the defensive players to the small angle of the penalty area was hit by Kibel, and then Walde Shite he kept with the replenishment by Akna. ↓

In the 72nd minute, Hallant replaced the debut replaced Maren. Subsequently, Hallant, who had just played, got a shooting opportunity, playing too is being confiscated in the top of the arc. ↓

In the 74th minute, the Wolf Fort, Mbbble replaced Baku. In the 78th minute, the Wolf Fort Corner Luxer Lux Bago's appearance is high.

Subsequently Luke Bagio Right Revitalizing the line, take the ball in front of the ball, and be put out by Kibell. ↓

In the 80th minute, Dort goal! The Hallande, the Hallant, which was just got, was connected to the left foot of the left foot of the left foot. 3-1 Wolf Fort Dot. ↓

Let's take a look at the ball ↓

In the 84th minute, Dotthal, Vitzers changed to Schutz, Zag Du to exchange Emre-Zhan. In the 87th minute, Royce left the Huanda slotted in the restricted area to be hit by Perwan.

Then Arnold Middle Road is a long shot by Kibel. ↓

In the second half, I fill in 3 minutes, and the Wolf Fort will change Philip Vaji. Finally, Dott Girl 3-1 Wolf.

Dot 1: 1-Kobe, 14-Schultz (84'28-Vitsel), 15-Humels, 16-Akan, 8-Dahud, 11-Royce, 19 - Brant, 23 - Emre - Zhan (84'5-Zagdu), 24-Munye, 39-Wolf (61'36-Knauv), 21-Malan (72 ' 9-Hallant

Substitute does not appear: 35- Hitts, 34-Pang Glache, 20-Renier, 30-Paslak, 27-Tigs

Wolfsburg started: 12-Peerwan, 4-Rocruva, 15-Roussillon (61'7-Waldess), 25-Brooks, 8-Aster-Franks, 20-Baku (74'19-Mbabble), 23-Giraviji, 27-M-Arnold, 9-Weihoste, 10-Lucas-Enme (61'6-Otavio), 28-Lukebakiio does not appear: 30- Klinger, 3-Sebastian - Arku, 5-Van Dewen, 22-Philox - Empai, 31-Ghart