"Youth · Olympic" Beijing Friendly City International Youth Cloud Dialogue Opening

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"Youth · Olympic" Beijing Friendly City International Youth Cloud Dialogue Opening

2021-11-29 00:18:19 44 ℃

China News Agency, Beijing, November 28 (Reporter Ma Haiyan) "Youth · Olympic" Beijing Friendship City International Youth Cloud Dialogue and "Welcome to the future" International Youth Exchange Camp held on the 28th at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. From 59 youth online, there off underline.

"Youth · Olympic" Beijing Friendship City International Youth Message Winter Theme Video officially released. This video is recorded by young representatives, showing the symbol of Olympic "Peace and Friendship", showing the "common welcome of the future".

Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee, the tricks Skatering Olympic champion Shen Xue scene tells himself as a athlete to overcome difficulties and perseverance for the Olympic dream. "In 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is coming, the Olympic Games is a young man bloom youth, showing self-owned platform. Today, more than 50 national youths have a friendship, unity and cooperation, gain, hope everyone is faster, higher, stronger, Under the guidance of more united Olympic spirit, she greeted a better future. "She said to young people from all over the country.

Xiao'an, a British student from Renmin University of China, an interpretation of the topic of "one to the future" with a foreign youth. "Since the epidemic situation of neoguan pneumonia, the world has experienced heavy challenges. We must work together. Just as the topic slogan of this Olympic Games, our young people need 'to face the future together', facing the future challenge." He said.

Zhang Shiyun, a researcher of Beijing Science and Technology, and Russian International Students from Peking University shared the ITS concept around the "Youth and Science and Technology Olympics", showing the scientific and technological innovation and utilization scenarios and achievements in the Olympic venues, and appeals to the young people of all countries for technology. Dannual suggestions.

Japanese Billy Board Chairman Hexiang and the deputy director of the Mandi Heritage Heritage Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics committee, Zhaoxuan, united the promotion role in organizing the Olympic Games to urban development, encouraging the youth to seize the Olympic Games for the country and organize urban renovation, improve the self Bring opportunities.

This event was guided by the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee. (over)