Top defense!Warriors 20 games will limit the mid rate of 5% below, and the ruling capacity of this quarter does not solve

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Top defense!Warriors 20 games will limit the mid rate of 5% below, and the ruling capacity of this quarter does not solve

2021-11-29 12:03:19 37 ℃

On November 29, 2021, 2021, NBA regular games continued, in the Warriors ace, the Warriors wanted to win from the original victory, but the end of the game in the fast attack with Mann After that, the referee did not blow for a foul, and the referee directly rushed to the referee, and was also made of technical foul. It is precisely because this ball angered the library, he then continued to invest three three-pointers, completely locked the victory!

The Warriors of this game can win because of the Curre, but there is still an important reason, that is their defensive ability. The game Warrior team only allows the fast fleet to get 90 points, which is indeed very exaggerated defensive strength. In addition to giving Paul George 30, the other players of the Clippers did not play, Morris and Bladezo's 13 points were the best in the rest of the fast shipping team!

The Warriors have sent 19 steals in the entire game, more than an opponent, which also allowed them to have a lot of fast attack opportunities and direct score opportunities, this game warrior quickly scored 18 points, and The Clippers is only 7 points! The game Warrior team made the fast shipping team in only 80 shots 32, the hit rate is only 40%, such defensive strength is not only reflected in this game, and their entire season is like this. The level.

According to statistics, in the top 20 games in this season, the Warriors restricted the hit rate of the opponent below 50%, and currently in terms of defensive efficiency and restrictions on the league. Both of these data prove that the Warriors have more defensive strength this season, and in the case of the three-point hand of the historical level in the offensive end, they can guarantee their defensive strength. Such a team is really too championship. Phase!

If the Warriors ensure their defensive efficiency, they are the biggest popularity of this season. It is necessary to know that their offensive power is completely don't worry. After Clee Thompson and Huosman return, the team's attack status will be more Ok, it can be said that the defense is their upper limit of this season, as long as their defensive efficiency is high enough, they are unstoppable!