After a year, Chen Yufei came home from "four crowns"

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After a year, Chen Yufei came home from "four crowns"

2021-11-29 18:05:22 51 ℃

"Olympic champion, Yifei sister. Welcome home, always best ..." On November 28th, nearly 100 teachers and students of Tonglu County Youth Sports School were exciting, and the Olympic champion Chen Yifei came to school. This is followed by October last year, Chen Yifei has returned to Tonglu home for more than a year.

This return, she came with the Olympic champion, the National Games champion, the Sudiman Cup champion, and the Yurka Badminton Group. Chen Yuxi, who is full of reputation, is warmly welcomed by the people of the hometown. The reporter found that in addition to the welcoming ceremony in the small body, in the outdoor large screen of the city's main road in the city, Dong Yifei's growth experience and wonderful moment.

In 2004, Chen Yuxi was recommended for Hangzhou Chen Jinglun Subject school. After learning the results of Tonglu County Youth Sports in recent years, Chen Yufei was very happy, and came to the honor show the wall, and sent to Tonglu Youth "struggle. The sincere blessings of the dream, signed a handsome signature.

When I came to the badminton hall, the badminton boy naturally won't let Chen Yuxi's sister's opportunity, and they put Chen Yuxi's water, and the signed and photo.

In the Tonglu small sports school, there have been more than 8 years of Gong Xiaoting to become a lucky person, and the name of Chen Yifei on a jersey. Gong Xiaoting, who was signed very excited: "Yifei sister is our star, it is my idol. This time is in contact, it feels like a dream." Get signature, photo badminton teenager seems to be "satisfied", they still It is necessary to compete with the Olympic championship, the small players turned to Chen Yufei to make a contest, back, before, killing ... The performance of the small teammate is fully present in front of the champion.

As a brother of Chen Yifei, Jiang Yusi's brother is currently practicing badminton in Hangzhou Chen Jinglun. I heard that Chen Yufi returned to his hometown, and he also went to the stadium early and the Olympic champion. "I used to know that Yu Fei sister, I didn't expect to see her himself, and pulled it with her a few times, this is really memorable."

"Although I haven't come back for more than a year, my enthusiasm and support, I am deeply feeling, thank you very much."

Chen Yifei is extremely enthusiastic about the people of the hometown. This year is a very busy year of Chen Yifei. It has always been tested by the National Badminton Championship, August Olympics, September National Games, October, Sudiman Cup, and Yurote Cup Badminton Group. The stronger Chen Yifei is stronger.

"Some games have also encountered difficulties, winning the winning, but the desire for victory makes me constantly, don't let yourself have regrets." Walk down the apower, everything starts from scratch, after a short break, Chen Yuxi It is necessary to invest in the training.

It is reported that the next World Championships, the Asian Games is Chen Yuxi's next goal.

Production: Guo Biwen

Review: Tang Yhong

Sports reporter: Pan Xiaolun