Shouxing Zhu Ting voice!Foreign media have sent blessings, internationally linked domineering: Queen Happy Birthday

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Shouxing Zhu Ting voice!Foreign media have sent blessings, internationally linked domineering: Queen Happy Birthday

2021-11-30 00:05:40 62 ℃

On November 29, Zhu Ting ushered in his 27th birthday. This is the first time, Zhu Ting has lived in his birthday for the first time. Because Zhu Ting did not sign up for the new season. Zhu Ting felt his birthday at home, busy bad mom, because my mother gave himself a good job. At the same time, Zhu Ting also talked to the United States for wrist surgery, saying that he would actively cooperate with treatment and rehabilitation.

I finally gotten in the evening, Shouxing Zhu Ting voice, she said in social media: "Thank you for sending blessings, 2021Zhupercamp, is also in today, look forward to seeing next year"

It is worth mentioning that Zhu Ting's "zhupercamp" is the volleyball training camp in her joint sponsor. This year is the first, after the end of the National Games, Zhu Ting will share themselves online. Experience and experience. The purpose of "zhupercamp" is to bring professional fun sports experiences, Zhu Ting and teammates, and professional volleyball coaches to help children learn and practice volleyball.

Zhu Ting's birthday, foreign media sent blessings, including the Philippine media, they directly bless Zhu Ting 27th birthday.

Of course, I have always paying attention to Zhu Ting's Turkish media. After all, Zhu Ting's effectiveness of Wagquiver Bank club in Turkey has taken three years, and Zhu Ting's strength, the ball and character conquered the local people. Turkish media took Zhu Ting's awards, and finally blessed Zhu Ting happy birthday.

It is reported that Zhu Ting will restore health after the end of the operation. When I need half a year, Zhu Ting also talked about the topic of the future, Zhu Ting said that she did not rule out such a plan, which couldn't help but think of it before. Italian media said that Wawhbrus Bank is very likely to reach Zhu Ting.

When I bless the birthday blessing, I used the word "Volleyball Queen" to describe Zhu Ting, and the name of Zhu Ting is still Chinese.

I have to say that internationally linked in this day, Zhu Ting is a volleyball queen, and it is also very pleasing. Although the Olympics is not good because of injury, there is no doubt that Zhu Ting is still the world, influence and The strength is much higher than Egnon. Zhu Ting, whether there is a domestic drain, Turkey's Vaff Bank, the intercontinental competition of the Chinese women's volleyball team, countless times, won almost all champions outside the World Championship, and won a series of personal honors, also Get the outer "MVP harvester", and it is true.

From Zhu Ting's birthday, so many foreign media, internationally linked, etc., you can see how big is the influence of this Chinese women's servant. Zhu Ting is also considered to be an epochian superstar, not only the business ability is outstanding, and the character is also full. There is no negative news, etc., and the behavior within the field has been recognized by everyone.

So I also wish Zhu Ting happy birthday, I hope that Zhu Ting can surgery and restore health as soon as possible, and strive to reach the future of China's women's volleyball, continue to play their personal value to the highest.