My understanding of the spirit of the Taijiquan

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My understanding of the spirit of the Taijiquan

2021-11-30 00:06:03 56 ℃

Mr. Chen Xin mentioned Tai Chi Boxing in "Picture". Mr. Fliver, Mr. Hong Kong, is often explained by nuely. He is giving Beijing Chen-style Taijiquan Research Association is: "Chen style Tai Chi boxing is highly confident, its essence is in the conversion of yin and yang, densely lies in the confrontation, the so-called yin and yang is just moving Opening and closing……"

The legend of the flood box explained that "Jing Jing Ji" is the original words of the introduction to Hong Shi, what is the meaning of this, and most people do not understand.

I have experienced its ejaculation and law through practicing flooding Taijiquan, and has a certain understanding and understanding of this.

Taijiquan's boxing is unclear, but they are all under the fundamental unity, so the confrontation is the fundamental principle of Tai Chi, and others are lyrics. The opposition unity is like the Constitution, and others are specific methods.

There are a lot of people to remind me that I will not be unified. Yes, this is true, any correct thing must meet the confidence. Converse unity is not only methodology, but it is correctly understanding and understanding the correct thinking and ideas of objective things, because any matter is confirmed. In the martial arts, only the Taijiquan flags have made "Tai Chi", Tai Chi, the relationship between the Tai Chi, yin and yang, yin and yang is the confrontation, so it is in line with the contradictions and dialectics in philosophy, and of course the law of things.

It is because of the law of the Taijiquan, so it is the truth, it is law. It is the so-called "heaven", people can follow it. Therefore, it is precisely in the opposition unity.

The law is the inevitable result of the sequestration, and the fine is now in the law. Take a good, good method; The secret here is not just a good meaning, but it means. Simple explanation from the literal is theoretical, fine boxing. But the sequestration knows how the law does not necessarily know. And really know where the 精 理, I know where the law is. This is a seemingly contradictory, but it is actually not contradictory. The idea is a yin and yang relationship, which is rooted. Really understand, you must pass the law, and you must know how to know. Some people are confused, this is the first practice or first secondary school? They don't have to learn first, first practice, understand, just understand, must pass the practice of practice to deepen the understanding, achieve the knowledge; learn the law, just learn the specific things, do not reach the abstraction Ability, so I need a journal to exposes. The two will learn to progress.

The law of Tai Chi is very much, every move, there is a different usage, and it is with the upper and lower left and right. The general people are limited by the book or the teacher to teach the mind to die, so it is impossible to realize the new method in the practice process. In fact, the book is also good, the teacher can only talk about the limited law, just as the teacher is in the case, the purpose is to let us master the principles and methods, not to teach us. Many people rushed to those who learned, it was dead, learning to die. Be sure to make a grade as an example, can't be used as a formula theorem. Learn to give an Anti-three, from specific abstraction, synthesize from the analysis.

As long as you have made a confrontation unity, the number of boxing methods is unclear, it is really a punch. I am often amazed at the exquisiteness of Tai Chi. Its spiral rotation is endless, and countless changes. If it is made into a round circle, there is no change. Therefore, the spiritual law is not the meaning of the language, don't stay in the literal understanding, you must really experience it, where is it. Those chaos are because they don't understand Taijiquan. It does not need to stand like wood like wood, let you turn around. If the other party is powerful, it is effective. The key is the timing and courage, of course, the method is correct.