Shock three crowns!Sun Yusha played the peak state, and he gains 14 consecutive victories. Zhang Yining boasts the poor

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Shock three crowns!Sun Yusha played the peak state, and he gains 14 consecutive victories. Zhang Yining boasts the poor

2021-11-30 00:05:11 40 ℃

It is best to say that the performance of this World World Table Tennis Table Table Tennis Competition, I believe that many people will say Sun Yusha, this GTET is registered 3 projects, all promoted to the final, and the combination of mixed doubles and Wang Chuxin has successfully won champion. The female double and women's singles also entered the final finals, and they were perfect. Next, Sun Yizha can win the victory of these two finals in the World Table Tennis tournament, will achieve the great cause of the three crowns, and this is already the biggest goal of Sun Yingsha.

Sun Yusha has now achieved 14 consecutive victories in the World Table Tennis tournament, from women's singles, female doubles, mixed double, all the way, never lost even a game. The schedule is dense, 1 day 3 or 4 games have become a normal, which is a lot of consumption for Sun Yingsha's physical strength and energy, and of course Sun Yizhan also presents a peak state.

When the table tennis legend Zhang Yi Ning commented Sun Yizha, I gave a very high evaluation. She was like this to evaluate the little devil: "Sun Yizhan played very firm, confident, confident, defense, but also, fell, especially It is on the top three boards and this matching ball, and there is a continuity of returning the ball. It is much threatening than my previous look. The prostletion is very good, causing the opponent. The big threat is also promoted smoothly. "

It can be said that Zhang Yining is very fast, and the words of all kinds of praises give Sun Yingsha. Of course, Sun Yingsha is really good in the game and Wang Yidi, which is also a visual. At the same time, Sun Yingsha did a strong performance in this competition, and indeed played its strongest strength.

Of course, Sun Yingsha's performance is used, and what kind of words are used to praise Sun Yingsha is not too, after all, her performance is really good. In fact, in 2021, Sun Yizhan is one of the largest athletes, and the Olympics won 1 gold 1 silver. Two, Iwa-cang, the game of two, Iwa, made her heart and not inferior to the double gold king Chen Meng, I also wishes later. Table tenure super MVP. This time I came to the World Table Tennis Race, the overall performance is also obvious.

Therefore, I also look forward to the performance of Sun Yusha. Next, she wants to compete with Wang Mang to compete with the female pair of women's doubles, and then also to compete with the gold medal of women's singles, and strive to take the best results in the Table Table Table Tennis game. Three crown Wang Weiye.