Vanni figure!A green dress is active, with handsome guy happy video smile too sweet

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Vanni figure!A green dress is active, with handsome guy happy video smile too sweet

2021-11-30 06:02:42 46 ℃

Not long, Thanksgiving Day, many NBA fans are very helpless, because this day is needed in Thanksgiving, there is no NBA competition, so fans can only watch the previous game to alleviate their boring and watching the desire. On the day of the American Thanksgiving Day, many players and famous are also moving on the social media to celebrate the dynamics of Thanksgiving. Vanni, who is very concerned about, also tanned to celebrate the photos of Thanksgiving, and wearing a green dress, she appears to record the video and handsome guy happy record video, laughing very sweet, and her body is very Perfect, very attractive attention.

As the lack of Kobe, Wannesha has passed in Kobe, it has encountered a very painful period of time, and in recent days, Vaisma has become more cheerful. She has begun to participate in May this year. Various social activities, and also actively hold parties, contact your friends.

Vanni inherited all of Kobe all property, and Vansha himself also had a business brain. In the recent time, Kobe's assets were taken carefully, and she showed her excellent management, so Wannesa is now in Los Angeles. It is a very popular ladies, and in the recent Thanksgiving party, Vanisa is wearing a green dress attending the party, and she looks very popular with her figure. Many handsome women are sitting around her. One side.

I have to say that Vanessa can have such a mood and smile, or make the fans are very pleased, after all, everyone is worried that she will always miss the book, affecting their lives, and in this party, Vanni There is also a handsome guy, they are happy to record video, and Vanisa also reveals very sweet smiles.

Many fans think that Vaissa is likely to find the other half in the near future. Although Va 11th said that he still won't forget Kobe in the last charity dinner, it still believes that Vilesa should do it for his own happiness. Plan all, she is only 39 years old, still very young, in the future life road, there should be a male to do her, the body and the color of the figure are still online, where to go, the focus of the crowd, hope She and her daughters can have a happier life.