Way at 10:00 am!Foreign media broke the dispute news, Ninam was seriously injured, and the fans were batch!

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Way at 10:00 am!Foreign media broke the dispute news, Ninam was seriously injured, and the fans were batch!

2021-11-30 06:02:29 44 ℃

In the 15th round of the 15th round, the Big Paris, which fought, was pulled three goals in the case of the first loss, and finally defeated Saint Etian with 3-1 reversal, got 3 points. But after the game, many Paris's fans were not happy, because the superstars in their team were seriously injured, and he will happen to the 6-8 weeks of competition, and it is also a war with Saint Etien. Nemal 2021 new curtain call. Just when everyone is inhane, the "World Sports" in Spain has exploded a disputed news shortly before, and the wind direction of fans also gradually changed from blessings to criticism!

At 10 o'clock late at night, November 29th, Spain's well-known media "Daily Sports News" broke the news, Ninam was injured after passing short treatment, immediately participated in the party with Brazilian singer Jottape, two people with other Participants listen to music, pumping with smoke, playing poker, and has been carnival to leave at 6 o'clock in the morning. The singer Jottape has also released the photo of the two in the social media early in the morning, which has become the best evidence of this matter!

After seeing this news, there were still many fans who worried about the inner Mal 's fans directly turned their face, and began to criticize this Brazilian foot on the Internet. There is a fan message: "I was still very distressed inner Mal, now I saw this news, I can only say it. Perhaps it is more than the stadium, he wants to take party." There is a fan saying: "After all, It is Brazilian, it can be understood. The example of Little, Ade is in front of it. "However, there are fans to put forward suggestions to Nemal:" I hope he is still multi-old brother Alvis learning, and extend as much as possible Career, if he retired early, it is a huge loss for the Brazilian team and fans! "

In fact, there is no interruption, and he loves to visit the nightclub, and likes to visit the pair of acting style, it is almost a known person in the Paris team. He has a lot of challenge, but he has never had a lot of questioning, but Naal does not think about it. He has publicly returned to the reporter at the press conference: "Why can't I go to the nightclub? If you can get in my age? This kind of achievement, then you will definitely live like me. I will go to the nightclub in the future, I think this is not a problem! "

In this season, Mal has played a 14 game for the Paris team, contributing 3 entered balls and 3 assists, and efficiently created the new low since landing method. This is only inferior to Mero's "The Third Person", and if you can't concentrate all your attention in football, he is afraid that you have to be with the Golden Award.