Both!Dago is not hit, Yeki is touched!Who is Haslem's warning?

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Both!Dago is not hit, Yeki is touched!Who is Haslem's warning?

2021-12-01 00:04:51 53 ℃

At 8:30 on November 30, Beijing time, the Nuggets will challenge the heat on the road.

Due to the mutual returns of Little Morris and Yaki, Badler's game, the gimmick of this game has been the ultimate, and the fans are all waiting.

Hot Big Brother Haslem recently mentioned the matter in an interview, he deliberately warned Yeski's brother to see the ball, don't make things, because here is his site, the original words of the Harbell are as follows:

"The conflict has been ended, the brother, the end. You are talking to a person who has seen anything in addition to the wind. I have too much knowledge.

I have heard that they are going to see the game. They are best not to be crossing, don't come up. Miami is my city. "

Just as I mentioned earlier, this sentence undoubtedly puts up the heat of this matter, and the last sentence, it is inevitable that people think that it is a bit intentional.

Of course, the tickets of the fans may bought it early. Since the last time I conflict with about 约 奇, Daolis has been inheriting, and has been absent 10 games, and the recent updated injury report in the hot fire shows: Team The forward Magolis will continue to be absent (for the lost gold) competition due to neck sprain.

So, Mo is definitely not playing!

Moreover, Nuggets officially revealed that Yesqi sprained by the right wrist restriction.

Previously, the teacher has been lacking in four games due to the injury of the wrist. From the current news, Yauchi's chance is not very big.

The two protagonists are not in the field, including a lot of attention, including Jiki, smallport, Murray, Dozore and others can't play, the whole of the Nuggets is not, the heat will win the game. It should be no difficulty.

The protagonist is not there, there is no need to look at it. If you have already invited a holiday, buy a burst of popcorn, sitting, etc. The fans in this game must be collapsed. The previous expression is like this

However, the mood now may be like this.

Haha, make a joke.

Thank you for reading, I wish you a bright eye ~