Dunlo is three minutes of 9 in 9!The name is ridiculed to take 9 million live broadcast, Strus is alone

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Dunlo is three minutes of 9 in 9!The name is ridiculed to take 9 million live broadcast, Strus is alone

2021-12-01 00:04:30 42 ℃

Beijing time on November 30th, the Nugget 120-111 defeated the heat and ending the long 6-game losing, this game Nikola-Jiki's backup will win the victory, this season's Nuggets is more difficult, Jia Mal Murray has not been proximate to return, and the small-port injury third surgery is expected to be reimbursed. The Duzier Cross ligament is not fixed. Johi is also injured, but the hot fire is also a multi-person round. The opportunity of the end of the Nuggets. (Jochi's two big brothers got a decisive role)

Butil, Hiro's two core wheel bursts are also more than Nuggets, the heat is hot, Lori (17 points 14 assists), Adebad (24 points and 13 rebounds 6 assists), Martin (18 points) is trying to do their best, only Duncan Robinson's performance is very awkward, 29 minutes in the game, 1 3 points 3 assists in three points, 3 points, 3 points, and hit a medium.

Duncan Robinson is a pitcher who has been taken by 90 million contracts in his own. In his own basket, it is not possible. The second section of his 3rd three-fold is that the tactical block and demolition give him iron. What is the use of Duno?

Earlier, Nicks coach Xibu said that Kenba Walker fell out of wheel exchange, four all-star said falling out of wheel exchange, Dunlo's status is really possible.

The 19-20 season Dunlo is 48% in the high school hits in the hot fire. Dunlo, 20-21 season, at home, at home, at home, at home, and Dunlo this season 24% at home. What kind of decline is this? The two seasons have expired to get a soy sauce?

The name is rid of Tun Luo: Duncan Robinson took a full-time anchor for 5 years of 8 million salary. (Satsuned he often lives in the IG, it is completely voted) this season Dunlo 21 games, only 7 games three-pointer-hit-rate, there are 11-game three-pointer-hit intermediate rate even less than 30%!

Three-point hit rate 38.2% of the substitute 2 Strus is also open to such Dunro, he said: Dun Luogang won a salary of $ 90 million, I think he is so good, he is an incredible pitcher He will be fine, this is just a sluggish, he will go out of the trough.

Many thermal fans have more hope that Strus is in order to make a 1,670,000 contracts to play the game of 15.56 million Dunlo.

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