The local national football coach has no good end!Reporter Li Wei: Li Tie has been active, please do not default

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The local national football coach has no good end!Reporter Li Wei: Li Tie has been active, please do not default

2021-12-01 00:04:18 43 ℃

On the evening of November 30, according to the "Football News" Director Li Wei, Li Wei said that the national football coach Li Tie has taken the initiative to resign.

Li Wei said in a personal social media: "According to I understand that Li Tie has taken the initiative to resign to the Chinese Football Association, although there are five years of approximately, Li Tie's initiative, the Football Association does not have to pay a default. It seems that Li Tie Guide During the quarantine in Suzhou, I really want to understand, and I have a good job. "


It is important to know that Li Tie is poor, and it is not suitable for speech and exposed "there are some problems". Li Tie is also criticized by Huang Jianxiang, which is not as good as "I am full". It's more like a one.

Now, Li Tie has made resignation, even forced public opinion, but this also allows the pressure of the Football Association and the national football, and it is also for the Football Association to "five years old breach of contract", and still stay After the road, maybe five years, ten years later, will I have the opportunity to come back?

In less than half a year after getting more than half a year, it quickly got to Li Tie destiny to the destiny of the get out of class, and the reason is roughly the following four points:

First, the performance of the 12th game is unsatisfactory.

The first six rounds of points, Li Tie did actually reached the rough expectations: 6 battles 1 win 2 flat 3 or 5 points - but the sports competition will be based on the results, "do not have a hero" in sports It can only be said to be conditions.

The national football team is 5 points in six rounds. It can be said that it is basically impossible to have a line. Then, the Chinese football in the round of the World Cup cycle has paid so much human material financial resources. Obviously in the leaders of Li Tie, once again There is no hope for the line.

But more importantly, with Li Tie's current level of coaching, if he continues to bring the team's 5 years, it can be said that it will not see the hope of the national football team!

The first 6 games of the 12th, the useers of Li Tie, the firing and playing are different - through the 4th War of the 40th Race, the 6th battle of the 12th, Li Tie's lineup and play is still not Type, showing the ceiling limit of its coaching level.

And the contents, processes and results of this six war cannot be satisfied with the future hope - especially in the use of the originator, the first four rounds have always been in Luo Guofu and Alan on the tension. Or do not let the upper field, or in the second half of the replacement; if the pressure is great, Li Tiecai is in front of the Aman and Saudi, letting Alan and Luo Guofu started in battle, two results and processes, Li Tie is also equal The problem of the existence of their employers.

Because of the economic problems of the superior, it is likely that after the 12th game, the originating player will leave, then, in the past five years, Li Tie rely on the local player, it is really able to win at the Asian Cup and the next World Preliminar. Good grade? From now on, it is indeed very pessimistic.

Therefore, from the level of coaching and leading command, Li Tie faces the true competition, it is obviously difficult to say that it is difficult to speak. From this perspective, it is like the previous Syria, the Iraqi team coach has undergraduate, the national football is not early. The hopes, then Li Tie should take the initiative to resign.

Second, Li Tie should have limited capacity to the media and public opinion, and the emotional business is not high.

During the 12th game, first lost to Australia and the Japanese team, Li Tie suddenly took a wrong "golden sentence" at the press conference - "The national football coach can only be taken by the Chinese, China Football is only Chinese people to do it. "

Such an expression, obviously logical is difficult, trafficking is greater than the common sense, it seems very unprofessional, uneducational, and it is too low.

And only 5 points in 6 battles, there is no hope, Li Tie acts in the second day of Australia 1 to 1 flat, throws 32 minutes "Personal Tucao Conference" at the press conference.

Li Tie's big spit, and called "only he knows the national football"; What should I do? "

You can't communicate well with the media and public, but constantly set yourself as a public opposite, which makes Li Tie's coaching environment deteriorate.

Third, Li Tie "The Nature of the Nature" is the ads of the ads, which makes its personal image, and has a negative impact on the national football and the Football Association.

Li Tie actually sent a number of individual endorsements of Nine-pace in the individual social media on the second day of the artillery - and there were brands that were competing with the national football-endorsement products, and were applied to the competition. Sign, this illegal behavior is obviously the most obvious mistake under Li Tie.

It is to know that Ningze Tao is a contradiction between the endorsement brand and the national swimming team. He finally had to withdraw from the national team and retired, and Li Tie has a full reason for the get out of class.

Its four, deep excavation hole type "reverse iron tide" is blown up, and Li Tie's get out of class will become a must, otherwise it is difficult to stop loss, Li Tie's future fate is more unknown.

First, there is a financial media to reveal that there are 8 companies under Li Tieqi. The name of the company in the nine-rich advertisements is Li Tie's shareholders - in the handsome of the national football, using traffic to advertise for their own company, this is a bit "Merger private" tastes?

Since then, there are more local self-media self-media people to expose "Li Tiene's brokerage company, with the player's interests ..." Yun Yun, although he has not confirmed it, Li Tie did not open a rumor and prosecution, so Let Li Tie's "conspiracy theory" will expand, so Li Tie's goal, it is inevitable to appear. At this time, Li Tie, which is increasingly likely to stand on the hot pot, and it is, in fact, the Football Association will be fired, in order to get a high contract, it is better like this, etc. Football Association, give yourself a step, you can maximize the pressure of public opinion, but also let the "reverse iron" can be temporarily minimized, so that you can end itself without an incident.

When Li Tie under get out of class, after returning to the first self-opening, the national football team walked to Asia, and participated in the intercontinental competition to rush to the present, that is, since 1980, the local coach of the national football coach, and also participated in the official contest in Asia. The respective: Su Yongzhen, Zeng Xuelin, Gao Fengwen, Justice, Zhu Guanghu, Gao Hongbo, Li Tie - Almost, no one ends in different ways, there is no one, no one is Good start.

Is this strange that our players have been very low? Still whether the local coach level is not high? - then, after Li Tie under get out of class, will be taken by Li Xiaopeng, will not be in the near future, the ringtone will ring again for another surname Li's coach?

The Chinese football is so felt that the loop reciprocates will come back to the bottom? When is it a head? It is estimated that no one knows it! [Original Review: Yoguo said that it is still]