revenge!The Lakers wins the king to win two consecutive wins, Zhan Huang lack, Wei Shao 23 points 6 help, Howard 12 + 13!

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revenge!The Lakers wins the king to win two consecutive wins, Zhan Huang lack, Wei Shao 23 points 6 help, Howard 12 + 13!

2021-12-01 18:02:40 56 ℃

On December 1st, Beijing time, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition is in the battle. In today's Western Focus, the Lakers challenge the Kings. Before the game, the Lakers officially announced that James missed today's competitions in violation of health and safety agreements. Revenge success! The Lakers wins the king to win two consecutive wins, Zhan Huang lack, Wei Shao 23 points 6 help, Howard 12 + 13!

The first lineup of both parties is as follows:

Lakers - Davis, Wei Shao, Tak, Elington, Xiao Jordan;

Kings - Fox, Holmes, Harry Beton, Melome, Temuth Davis.

Both sides:

Lakers - Davis 25 points 7 rebounds, Wei Shao 23 points 5 rebounds 6 assists, Elington 9 points, Anthony 14 points, Monk 22 points 4 rebounds 4 assists, Howard 12 points 13 rebounds.

Kings - Fox 17 points 5 rebounds 5 assists, Holmes 27 points 9 rebounds, Mei Tu 14 points 11 rebounds, Harryburdon 6 points 5 rebounds 6 assists.

Exciting moment

1, the eyebrows are not afraid of defending, pseuding 2 + 1

2, there is no medium in the eyebrows, how to grab the rebound, the dry land is pulled down!

3, Wei Shao 3 points, get the first three points!

4, Monk's upper half plunge three points into progress!

5, three people defensive, thick eyebrows are tough on the basket, easy to score!

Best cooperation:

Wei Shao Miaoke Monk, Monk is cast, the bottom is three points easy to enter the net!

Team adhesive - 少

Full battle report

Section 1 competition:

Holmes took the lead in the basket, Tak and Davis were in the lake, Holmes and Harryburden scored continuous points, Davis basket, the two sides became 6: 6! Then the Kings Mei Mu and Temen scored continuous, Davis succeeded, 3 points in Hilde, and the Kings lead 5 points. After the second half of this section, Howard two punishment, the Kings once again played a wave of 6: 0, Howard has a double-scale separation in two consecutive layups, the Kings Lan and Mitchell continuously 3 points, the Kings will extend the leading advantage to two Bit number. Before the end of this section, Davis and Wei Shao took a 6 point. After 3 minutes of Mitchell, the Lakers 20:28 lag behind.

Section 2 competition:

Wei Shao, Howard and Anthony continuously, the Lakers a wave of 6: 2 reduction points. Kings Holmes basket, Fox is 2 + 1, the Lakers Riffs and Anthony have even won 5 points, and the king team will have a leading advantage to 12 points. In the second half of this section, the Howard basket has a hand, 3 points in Monk, and Davis has to zoom out to 5 points. The Kings Fox and Harryburden continuously 3-pointer, the Kings played 7: 0 again expanded the lead. The last minute of this section, Wei Shao and Anthony continuous success, Fox received 4 minutes later, Monk hit the middle plunger 3 points, the Lakers 50:59 behind the Kings.

Section 3 Competition:

Terence and Homs teamed up to play a wave of 7: 2, the Lakers reached 14 points behind. After that, the Wei Shao took 5 points, 3 points in Monk, and the Lakers a wave of 8: 0 reduction points. Fox and Homs helped the Kings to stop bleeding, Mum Koke 3 points, Wei Shaohe Davis 11 points, Mum Kuke again 3 points, the Lakers a wave 17: 1 Complete Super Super! Before the end of this section, Hilde and Homs helped the kings scored, Anthony first shot hits, followed by 3 consecutive free throws, after the life of Longdo, the Lakers 87:74 leading Kings. In this competition, the Lakers single section played 37:15!

Section 4 Competition:

Lundo and Elington have been 5 points, the Kings use a penalty to the score, Holmes has been shining twice in a row, and the king team reduces points to 11 points. After Davis, Elington and Wei Shao played to play 10: 0, in which the Elington hit 3 points, the Lakers expanded to 21 points. Subsequently, Fox and Homs were successfully handed, and Wei Shao also shocked, the Lakers lead 19 points. After the suspension, the two sides replaced some main players, and the game lost the suspense.