Female athlete is very "flat" chest?In fact, it is just a illusion, and the life is judged.

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Female athlete is very "flat" chest?In fact, it is just a illusion, and the life is judged.

2021-12-01 18:03:01 62 ℃

what is your favorite sport? Is it against basketball, football, football, or diving, swimming, gymnastics? Although there is a lot of fans in basketball, football, football, but quite some viewers like to dive, swimming, gymnastics. Look at diving, swimming, gymnastics, just like watching a beautiful performance. For a while, the stage is ten years; the athletes can have amazing performance because they have a year, year after year.

In order to achieve good results in the game, they suffer from unimaginable pain. Female athletes tend to pay more than the male athletes. As you can see, most of the female athletes look flat. Why do this happen? Take diving, swimming, gymnastics as an example, choose athletes to have strict requirements for high weight, even for athletes. Because of this, you will have a diving, swimming, gymnastics, because these are the results of the coach carefully selected.

Female athlete's chest looks flat. It is mainly related to their clothes wearing in the game. In swimming and diving competitions, athletes wearing swimsuits are sewn with special materials and can help athletes can shape their body. The perfect figure can help athletes get faster, and the actions are more beautiful, helping athletes have achieved better results in the game. Borrowing Fu, I have said: You can never imagine how tightly in the swimsuit wearing, and then big chest can also pull it flat. It can be imagined, and the sportswear wearing the swimsuit!

The female athlete's chest is very flat, but it is actually a falsehood, the gap between life and competition is large. In September 2011, Lu Ying and Liu Xiang attended the friendship party. Because a news photo, Lu Ying's limelight covered Liu Xiang. It is undeniable that Lu Ying is really famous in the swimming world, but compared with the flying people Liu Xiang, it is far away. How is Lu Ying's limelight cover Liu Xiang? At that time, Liu Xiang first appeared on the deputy secretary of the group committee, the focus of the media and netizens was concentrated on Liu Xiang.

However, due to Lu Ying and Liu Xiang rely near seats, the media reporter was accidentally photographed in the photo when shooting photos. After the photos of Liu Xiang and Lu Ying were released online, Lu Ying's body successfully attracted the attention of netizens. To this end, Lu Ying once mavened the search top. This is also the case. There wasn't too much attention before Zhang Bean, but because a photo of a chest is popular, it caused the attention of netizens. In order to achieve good results in the game, let the national anthem have sounded on the court, and the athletes really pay too much.

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