Durant shot 16846 times to get 24,4454 points, the same number of shots, how many of Qiao Kozan?

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Durant shot 16846 times to get 24,4454 points, the same number of shots, how many of Qiao Kozan?

2021-12-02 12:04:29 91 ℃

The New Yue derbie finally is finally here. Because only one river is separated, the Nicks' large fans gathered in the center of Baklai, so the gunpowder of this game is very heavy. Knicks is no longer a weak team, both sides are unusual, and the double core of the basket network has a good performance, especially Harden in the upper half of the firepower, and cut the 34-point 10 rebound 8 assists. Data, and Durant didn't showcase because of the first half, it caused him to feel cold, but there were 27 points and 5 rebounds 9 assists, and the death of the dead, the final basket net was 110 more than 110 victory in Nicks.

As of now, Durant has played a 14 season in the alliance. Now, it is now in the first 15 seasons. As a super scorer, Durant's total score has come to 24,454 points, ranked 25th in NBA history. Only two active players in the forward count can hold Durant in total score. It is worth mentioning that Durant only took 16846 times to get 24,454 points, with a hit rate of 49.5%, and the score efficiency was very high. So, when the number of times is the same, the super scorer, Kobe, and how many points of James?

Jordan's achievements have not been said that in the 1990s, it has grown for the top of Jordan to lead the bull twice to win the three consecutive championships, and put a large ticket in the same time, and let them have no crown. The whole ten times, Jordan's honor is in history, that is, in 15 seasons of career, Jordan has two-thirds of the federate players with the highest score, and its peak is really long. In terms of total score, Jordan 32292 is divided into history fifth. In the case of 16846 times, Jordan can get 25,5090 points, which is slightly higher than Durant.

After Jordan retired, Kobe gradually gave up. He helped the Lakers won the three consecutive championships in the early new century, and Kobe became the team's boss, but also rushed into the finals for three consecutive years in 2008 to 2010. Two consecutive crops. Seven into the finals, five victims, Kobe actually have the opportunity to get two three consecutive championships, but the second phase did not open the head, have to say this is a regret. In terms of total score, Kobe 33643 is divided into history fourth. In the case of 16846 times, Kobe can get 24020 points, which is slightly lower than Durant and Jordan.

James is the union's facade star. Now it is still impacting the fifth crown. Different from Kobe and Jordan's offensive advantages are greater than everything, James is strictly in the strict sense, he can effectively enter the ball, the average assistant number is more than the top two There are many more than one. For a long time, James almost occupied the finals of the finals. He went ten times to enter the finals, won the four championships, and when the fifth crown arrived or unknown. In terms of total score, James 35651 is divided into third in history. In the case of 16846 times, James gets 23,270 points, the lowest in the contrast.