Sun Yizha 2nd!The latest ranks of the International Table Tennis Union, Wang Mang is not as good as Ito, Chen Meng 1st

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Sun Yizha 2nd!The latest ranks of the International Table Tennis Union, Wang Mang is not as good as Ito, Chen Meng 1st

2021-12-02 12:03:21 40 ℃

On December 2, Beijing time, the International Table Tennis Union announced the latest world ranking list. Since the competition of the World Table Tennis tour, the rankings of the athletes have some changes, of which Fan Zhendong and Chen Dynasty are still moving in the world of men and women. 1st, no Malone and Xu Wei, who participated in the World Table Tennis, were ranked 2nd, 3nd in the world. As for the women's unilateral, Sun Yizha guards the ranking of the world's second, and Ito Meizheng ranked third following.

The specific ranking is men's single fan Zhendong, Ma Long, Xu Wei, Calderano, Zhang Benzhi and, Lin Wei, Lin Gaoyuan, Liang Jingkun, Ochalov, Port.

The woman is Chen Meng, Sun Yizha, Ito Mei Cheng, Wang Mang, Ding Ning, Wang Yidi, Shichuan Jia, Zheng Yijing, Zhu Yuling, Liu Shiwen.

In the entire big list, there is a change in the rankings: male unilateral, Chinese player Liang Jingkun rose to eighth, Ochalov has fallen by injury to the ninth, Boer in the World Table Tennis tournament Ranking is among the top ten. Women unilaterally, Wang Yidi broke into the semi-final rankings of the World Table Table Tennis competition rising up to 4 famous columns, Sichuan Jiachun was ranked to seventh.

Total 20 men and women's list of men and women list, 13 people in Chinese Tablets are on the list, reflecting the rhodics, men's singles are even longer to lock the top three rankings. And there is a magical factor in the women's unilateral, Ding Ning, the world's 5th, is already the state of retirement, but still relying on the previous points for a long time to occupy the world, this highlights the performance of the Dingning player period, The impact has continued to this day.

It is worth mentioning that Wang Mang, who just won the women's singles champion in the World Table Table Table Tennis Championship, and the personal points still did not exceed the Japanese Io Mei Cheng, the latter hit the top 8 in the World Table Table Tennis tournament was eliminated, Wang Mangxi It is a championship, and I didn't expect the integration to accumulate still more than Io. Of course, there is no need to prove yourself through the world ranking, and the world's ranking has not been related to the final achievement.

For Wang Mang, she has excellent enough for her 2021, the Olympic Group champion, the National Games women's singles and women's double champions, the domestic table tennis ultra-league champion, the World Table Tennis women's singles, the two championships, just a few months Time to win the championships of multiple contests, the Singapore World Cup Competition is about to start, if Wang Mang can win the women's singles again, then she will have the opportunity to attack with Grand Slam or even full-grout. From the perspective of recent months, Wang Mang is a sister in the state table, and there is no controversy.

(Lin Xiaoyu)