Not an alarmist!6 major core main strengths are absent, Guoyu Shi Championship is afraid of 0 gold

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Not an alarmist!6 major core main strengths are absent, Guoyu Shi Championship is afraid of 0 gold

2021-12-03 12:57:13 43 ℃

The list of the World Championships is changing a few days, but the more the overall lineup strength weakens, especially after the multi-main core is absent, let Guoyu have a championship in the World Championship again. In the list of the recent Submit World Championship, the new Olympic women's singles champion Chen Yifu will quit the World Championship because of the men's singles, and the Ms. Zhulai, the Mixing Shuanghuang Dong Ping Wang Quan, another project defect, This is afraid that there will be a trip of Guoyu's World Championships again.

From the current list of the World Championships submitted by Guoyu, there are probably only two items have the ability to impact gold medals. First, there is "IELTS" combination Huang Yixiong Zheng Si Wei's mixed double, although "Yellow Duck" combines Huang Dongping Wang Quan Race, but "IELTS" combination of world is earned, and only recent season is only Live to the teammate "yellow duck" combination, so as long as it is fully capable of winning the gold medal.

In addition, the strength of "Essence" combination in the female dual game is equally unquestionable, and as the current national feathers female double combination, as long as you can stabilize your mentality in the stadium, you can't overcome any opponents. Only Du Wei Li Yinhui's retort, which makes the stability of Guantu on the female double project. In other than three other three competitions, there is no stable military player and a player who has the strength to impact the gold medal, so it is qualified as long as it can play a normal level.

The National Patiffian Male Double "High Tower" combination Although Guoyu has amazing played in the three cups of the cup, it is undeniable that it is only the leader of the old lead. If you have a breakthrough in the World Championship, it is impossible to know. And there is a strong combination of Indonesia and Japan on the men's double game. It is really not realistic.

The strength of the national feathers on the game is even more weak. After Chen Yifu is behind the retreat, there is only a bitter support for the women's single game, but it is necessary to face the mountain mouth and the Playing and other players. Not much to grasp the ability to defeat your opponent. And the men's singles are not surprised by the seed player, and can only be pinned to the teenager's water, the more you can put the water, but you have to hit the medal and Taixianqi and other grasp of the victory. .

In addition, because the existence of the epidemic, the international competition before the World Championships has been absent, so the player's competitive state is not guaranteed, and many of the foreign many will choose to participate in the competitive state, really If there is also a dramatic in the World Championships. However, for the national feathers, the update replacement is inevitable, young players let go, no matter how the results are also a kind of exercise, after all, the Paris Olympics is still three years, the World Championship is just the beginning of the new cycle.