Klop is a combination of three middle games, but it is better to return this person.

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Klop is a combination of three middle games, but it is better to return this person.

2021-12-03 12:57:15 55 ℃

After entering December, it is undoubtedly to come to the most stimulating stage of the Premier League.

One of the events of the events, many teams will encounter a week of winning a week, and the fans will be happy.

I have once again, and the Premier League will show the trend of polarization, and the pattern of championship and dispute is in an instant.

In other words, if Klop and his disciples want to win the champion of this season, the schedule of December to January is that they are the ultimate examinations of the season.

In fact, although Liverpool, this season, although the offensive end shows the absolute strength of the other 19 teams, it is difficult to achieve the commonality of the championship. This is also the red army now. In the case of 3 balls, it can only be succeeded in the third position.

It is true that the Red Army's rear defense is really weakened, but this is not the absolute root cause of Liverpool's anti-unstable, because Liverpool is now more still in the midfield.

We use a longitudinal contrast of Klopp's recent game, which is clear that Liverpool is now the most unstable midfielder.

For example, the League's Arnana, Liverpool's three mid-games look more like Zhang Bollen + Faroni's double back waist combination to partner Tiago's attack-type middle field.

The Champions League is the 19-year-old 19-year-old Truste, who said that Klop has won the tender water. In fact, from the top of the entire lineup, Liverpool's play is still more inclined to Zhang Bollen + Tiago play back.

As for the teenager Morton, play the card and pass the ball, and complete the golden achievements of their careers in the Champions League game, then because this game has nothing to do.

For the south of the old town, Shu Shu finally worked again, Henderson + Fabi Nio + Tiago.

It is undeniable that Liverpool, restored the three midfield, called a hearty, but in the defensive end, the Aidon is surprised by a lot of cold sweat, especially a few fatal mistakes in Tiago, Joys is still Hasen. Under the squid, the 13th round of the Red Army will not win so easy.

In general, there is no matter what kind of midfielder combination, Liverpool's defense is difficult.

Of course, Klop is also forced to have no longer, after all, there are too many wounded in the midfield, and the smart women are slightly miles.

In theory, Klop's current dilemma is the best way to solve the emergency in winter, but in the attitude of the Finwei Group, this solution may not only exist between theory. .

So, if Liverpool is imagined in the devil schedule from December to January, the internal digging dive + lineup adjustment is the king of reversing win.

From the past multi-game, Klop has a deep observance on the three middle games, in fact, the slag uncle can give Zhang Bollen more opportunities, with the league against Arsena as blueprints, let Zhang Bollen integrate into The team's lineup.

In fact, Zhang Bollen's current state is also worth a first location, especially the defensive ability and attitude of the game in the game against the old East Arsenal, is not compared with several other substitute midfielders, and It still has a long-range ability, which is absolutely considerable to be a good medicine for breaking the unfair anti-ladous Crok Red Army.

More importantly, with the beginning of the African Cup, Sarah, Machi, Napi. Capta and other African countries have passed successively, and Zhang Bollen gets more appearance opportunities is undoubtedly good, after all, old Zhang is still highly accomplishing in terms of playing the front.