NBA is the best month!Durant Luca is elected, Monttie Best Coach, Mobili Press Barnes!

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NBA is the best month!Durant Luca is elected, Monttie Best Coach, Mobili Press Barnes!

2021-12-03 12:55:54 46 ℃

Beijing time on December 3, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. Earlier this earlier, NBA officially announced the best players, best coaches and best rookies in the East, Western November, and Western November.

In the selection of the best players, the Nets 'Durant and the Warriors' Curry is elected.

The basket network is currently 15 wins and 6 losses, and the first east is the first! Durant has been played for 35.8 minutes, and it can get 28.6 points 7.5 rebound 5.6 assists, 53.9% of the shooting rate, 38.9% of the three-pointer hit rate, currently the first place in Durant, he is very hopeful to get someone 5th score king trophy!

The Warriors currently have 18 wins and 3 losses, because the victory relationship is in the western part of the western part. The Kurili has been played for 34.3 minutes and can get 27.8 points 5.7 rebounds 6.6 Assistant 1.8 steals, and the hit rate is 45.2%, and the three-point ball rate is 41.2%. Kuri intends to hit the three-year-old three-year-old, and the play is 5.4 three-pointers. These two data are high!

Other nominated players in the western parties are: Bark, East Chicchi, Police Jis, George, Joyki, Morrant and Downs;

Other nominated players in the eastern parties are: Allen, Garland, Letters, La Mero - Ball, Durzan, Ravi, Maxi and Tre Yang.

In the selection of best coaches, the Bulls coach Dono Wan and the Sun Team coach Monti Williams were elected.

The Bulls currently recorded 14 wins and 8 losses, ranking 4th in the eastern part.

The score of the Sun team is 18 wins and 3 losses, and the longest team has achieved the longest team, and the first place in the West is ranked.

Other coaches that have nominated also include Boxave (Knight), Biden Hull (Buck), Nash (Net), Little Sceel (Wiki), Cole (Warriors), Tailun - Lu (Clipper).

In the best rookie, the Knights of the Knights of Mobley and the Thunder are elected.

At present, Mobilfield has been 14.4 points 8 rebound 1.8 cover.

Girida has 10.4 points 7.2 rebound 5.8 assists.

Other nominated rookies also include the Raptors of Barnes, the Pistons of Kun Ningan, the Pacers' Dourt, the Va Gagner, the Rocket of Green, Shenjing, and the Kings of the Kings. The Thunder's Er.