How old is Li Tie's business layout?Episode 3 brands related to 8

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How old is Li Tie's business layout?Episode 3 brands related to 8

2021-12-03 18:03:28 58 ℃

The endorsement is part of the Li Tie Commercial Version. At present, there are 3 brands with Li Tie's cooperative relationships, and the clothing brand Li Ning, the beverage brand Jianli Bao and tea brand rainforest ancient tree tea.

Two weeks ago, Li Tie was published in its Weibo. (deleted)

Because "microblogging belt", in addition to coaching achievements, the commercial layout outside Li Tiefang has also received more attention.

Li Tie is huge (deleted) included in the "Nine Mungus" picture released in personal microblogging. In nine pictures, two are the fuel posters of Li Tie partner Jianli Bao, a poster of the Shiboti-based football education in Li Tie, who is a joint founder, a picture of Rainforest Li Tie's spokesperson There are two two brand LOGOs who have a national football sponsors to Li Ning.

Those who are suspected of sports business violations, these pictures are basically coming from a brand poster with Li Tie's cooperative relationship. When the fans pay attention to Li Tie's coaching ability, he ignored his business map. Through the media reports and information, in addition to the salary of the coaching's job, Li Tie's business version covers brand endorsement and many companies.

Sign a contract

Broken endorse involves clothing, drinks, tea

The endorsement is part of the Li Tie Commercial Version. At present, there are 3 brands with Li Tie's cooperative relationship. They are the clothing brand Li Ning, the beverage brand Jianlibao and tea brand rainforest ancient trees, these appeared in Li Tie " "九宫 格" in Weibo Belt.

In the brand of cooperation, Jianlibao is the longest with Li Tie, and the association between the two sides dates back to the "Jianlibao Youth Team" in 1993. This has also become the "link" of Jianlibao and Li Tie to further endorse the words. In August 2020, Li Tie, who was promoted to the national team, once again visited Jianli Bao. Subsequently, transformed into Jianlibao brand Star, launched a healthy tower of Jianli Bao × Li Tie Union, and the cooperation between Li Tie and Jianli Bao is getting closer and closer.

In the cooperative brand of Li Tie, Li Ning has been working together for a long time. During the Everton Everton, Li Tie, became the signing player of the company's football series spokesperson and professional football products, built a "iron series" exclusive ball. Even after retiring, Li Tie, as a local coach, has no interruption, has been interrupted, and has always been a re-edition equipment station of "iron series".

In October this year, Li Ning upgraded the contract to a lifetime contract. Although Li Ning did not disclose the amount and specific years of this lifelong contract, referring to the international brand for the lifelong contract for Messi, C Luo, James, McGie, Li Ning and Wade's lifelong contract, the cooperation period is basically 20 years By 25 years. In addition, according to the company's active football and basketball players have been seen from the brand, most of them are about 5 million, which calculates that this lifelong contract signed by Li Tie will exceed 100 million yuan.

Another cooperative tea brand, the partnership cooperation is in May 2017, the brand also launched exclusive "discus" tea.

There are 8 companies with Li Tie's directly related to the company, two of which are in the industry. Web screenshot


Directly related to 8 companies

In addition to endorsement, Li Tie is still a shareholder of a number of companies. According to the data of the sky-eye, there are currently 8 in Li Tiezhi companies.

At present, there are two companies in a stock state: including Liaoning Li Tie Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd., Li Tie as the shareholding ratio of Shandong shareholders is 63%; Shenyang Li Tie Football Club Co., Ltd., Li Tie Shares 9%, Liaoning Li Iron Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. is absolutely 90.9%.

There are three in the business state: including Guangzhou Li Tie Football Club Co., Ltd., holding 40%; Guangzhou Shibot Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., holding 25.5%. 36% of Yulin, Yu Lin, Guangzhou Shibot Physical Development Co., Ltd., who participated in investment, and Li Tie's shareholder, for the second major shareholder.

Of course, in addition to the direct association, Li Tie serves Guangzhou Shibot Sports Development Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Shibot Network Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Li Tie Football Club Co., Ltd. invests in Guangzhou Li Tie Football Development. center. This also means that in addition to direct participating companies, Li Tie has indirectly invests in other two companies.

In Li Tie's commercial layout, football training is worthy of attention. Li Tie is the founder of young children's football education, and has established a child education team. Since 2015, the team has covered 15 provinces, 67 cities across the country, accumulating 1028 kindergarten, accumulating nearly 100,000 children's football students.

In addition, in 2017, Li Tie established a football park in Shenyang, Shenyang, and this 45-hectare football park also became a northern training base for Jianli Baojie football.

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