Fans vote CBA champion!The Guangdong team is only in the third, the Liaoning team is high.

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Fans vote CBA champion!The Guangdong team is only in the third, the Liaoning team is high.

2021-12-04 00:04:06 60 ℃

According to CBA's latest notice, the second phase of the CBA regular season will be held on December 25th, the second phase of the event will continue to implement the meeting system, conducting the two sectors, respectively, the Changchun City, Jilin Province And Zhuji City, Zhuji City, a total of 15 rounds, which is from the 14th round to 28 rounds, then when the CBA league started to restore the main vast system, there is still no more accurate answer, it seems that the fans want to think Come on the team you like, but also continue to wait.

As the CBA League's second phase of the game will come, which team will become the most popular team of the season, and many fans are very concerned. In recent days, a fan has been a survey on the network platform. It is the most likely to win the team in this season. From the results of the fans, it is currently the first one with 12 wins and 1 Liaoning team. They have a ticket rate of 34.5%. The second place is a bit agreed, actually in 8 wins and 5 losses, ranked 9th Beijing team, Beijing team's ticket rate is 32.3%, from this point of view, many fans are optimistic about Beijing team to win.

The defending champion Guangdong team took 20.8% of the ticket, the third, to be honest, the Guangdong team was not bad in the first phase, with 11 wins and 2 losses, 84.6 winning rate is second in the standings Second only to the Liaoning team. I don't know, why the Guangdong team's ticket rate is far less than the Liaoning team and Beijing team, which is also a bit not understanding. The fourth is the Shanghai team, the ticket rate is 11.2%. From the fifth to ninth, Zhejiang team, Guangxia team, Shenzhen team, Guangzhou team and Shandong team.

CBA2021-2022 season, CBA champion fans voting specific results are as follows:

Liaoning Team: The first place, the ticket rate is 34.5%

Beijing team: Second place, the ticket rate is 32.3%

Guangdong Team: The third place, the ticket rate is 20.8%

Shanghai team: The fourth place, the ticket rate is 11.2%

Zhejiang team, Guangxia team, Shenzhen team, Guangzhou team and Shandong team ranked 5th to 9th.

CBA2021-2022 seasons won the popular team, the author's views are as follows:

The first, Liaoning team, reason: Liaoning team two foreign aid Ferg, Morade is accompanied by the team early, and the two foreign aids have, let Liaoning team lineup almost no short board. At the same time, the Liaoning team's local players themselves are the most top-level existence of CBA. There are Asian first guards Guo Allen, Anshan Paul Zhao Jiwei, the "giant Mac" Han Dejun, there is a super new star Zhenlin, plus a sharp line, will Li Xiaoxu, let the team The strength of sharp lines is more good. There is no doubt that the Liaoning team is the most popular team of CBA.

Second, Guangdong team, reason: As a team winning the championship, I have got three consecutive championships again in the near future, which fully illustrates the strength of the Guangdong team, as well as the determination they fight. This season, the Guangdong team mainly the center is easy to consulate and rehabilitation, thus making up for the problem of insufficient team insufficient. It can be said that on the way to CBA, there is no team dare to despise the Guangdong team.

Third, Shanghai team, reason: CBA seven crown coach Li Chunjiang joined, and CBA top center Wang Zhelin, Quality Feng line players Ren Junwei, CBA super foreign aid Franklin and other players joined, from the team's lineup, Shanghai team has Will not lose to the Liaoning team, the Guangdong team is a popular team. I believe that the Shanghai team will surprise Shanghai fans under the leadership of Li Chunjiang.

The fourth, Beijing team, reason: As an old boddere of the CBA, the Beijing team is the least toughness. In the past two seasons, in the playoffs and the Guangdong team are difficult to understand, it will be fully explained. The strength of the Beijing team is outstanding. This season is a regular season, the Beijing team is even more than 24 points in Guangdong, which is bright. As the foreign aid Lin Shu is returned, the Beijing team will open the crown mode.

The fifth, Zhejiang team, reason: Many people think of the Zhejiang team as the top three to compete for the crown, but, in the current Zhejiang team's lineup, they still have a big shortcoming, that is Inner line problem, though, the team's internal line is also a super new star Yu Jiahao, but Yu Jiahao is still not familiar, he still needs time to grow. This season, if the Zhejiang team can advance to the top four of the playoffs, it is a good result.